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It is finally that time of year where we bring out all the cozy sweaters, cute jackets, warm boots, and snug beanies. In my opinion, fall is the most aesthetic season for fashion. I love a nice jacket, my favorite pair of jeans, and some cute boots for an outfit that screams “fall.” If you are looking for some quality pieces to add to your wardrobe this fall you have landed in the right place. Here are some of my favorite fall wardrobe essentials that add that aesthetic touch of fall to my everyday looks:


The color palette for the season of fall includes various browns, burgundy reds, forest greens, soft creams, faded oranges, and of course solid black. These are all great color choices to include in your fall sweater collection. When it comes to sweaters, make sure to have a versatile range of textures and thickness. Some really stylish textures to include are waffle, popcorn, textured knit, and cable knit. I divide my collection of sweaters in half when it comes to thickness; half of my sweaters are thin enough to wear under a jacket for a layered look and half of my sweaters are thick enough to wear without any extra layers. Make sure to switch up the style of sweaters as well including cardigans, pullovers, cropped sweaters, etc. Here are links to several of my favorite fall sweaters:


I love fall jackets and coats. This section takes up a good chunk of my fall wardrobe. Jackets and coats are the foundational pieces to nailing a great fall layered look; not to mention they keep us warm and cozy. Fall jacket and coat materials mainly include leather, corduroy, and denim; however, always feel free to spice it up. Before buying a jacket or coat, I always make sure I have the sweater, top, or shoes to match it. It is always a good choice to select neutral jackets and coats in order to get the most wear out of them. I recommend buying one jacket or coat that is a “fun” color and sticking to neutral colors for the rest. This will allow you to mix up your outfits throughout the week and still have a jacket or coat that will nicely compliment them. Here are several of my favorite fall jackets and coats:


Flared jeans, mom jeans, skinny jeans, leggings, skirts, you name it! Fall is a perfect time to experiment with all kinds of fun bottoms. It is a good idea to have a small collection of jeans because they are the most versatile, but also include a couple fun options like corduroy flared pants. Skirts are great for a layered look paired with tights, a sweater, and a jacket. Here are several of my favorite fall bottoms to add to your closets:


Shoes can make or break an outfit. Fall time probably has the widest range of options for shoes out of all four seasons. You can pair fall outfits with boots, sneakers, flats, or heels. When adding boots to your fall wardrobe make sure to have a black pair, a brown pair, and a cream/white pair. These neutrals will allow your boots to compliment any outfit combination. When it comes to sneakers, a white pair is always a solid choice as well as pairs with fall colors such as deep browns, dusty rose pinks, or dark forest greens. Flats are a comfy choice for any occasions that require a business casual attire (hint: business fairs, student organization meetings, presentations, etc.). A good black pair and a good brown pair should more than suffice. Shopping for fall heels for your wardrobe is such a treat. It is completely up to you on the height, style, and color so have fun with it! Here are several of my favorite shoes in my fall wardrobe:


The temperature is dropping which means it is time to bundle up (especially here in Blacksburg). A solid guideline for adding hats to your fall wardrobe is to first get the neutral colors of black, brown, and cream or white. Then, you can add some fun fall colors like burnt oranges, deep greens, and plum purples. Here are a few of my favorite fall hats:

Fashion is such a fun and artistic form of self-expression. These five categories of clothing essentials are sure to add some sugar and spice to your wardrobe this fall season! Here at Her Campus Virginia Tech we love empowering each other. One of the simple ways we do this is by not shying away from giving out compliments. If you see someone around campus with a cute outfit, tell them! Cheers to a bomb fall wardrobe!

Simone Smith

Virginia Tech '25

I am a junior at Virginia Tech pursuing a degree in Public Relations. I enjoy painting, hikes with friends, sunsets, and finding new music.