Elisha Boyd: From Football Player to Fashion Designer

Meet Elisha Boyd, a Junior majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Design. One of few men in the fashion program, Elisha stands out for several reasons. Besides his magnetic sense of humor and excellent style, you might be surprised to hear what Elisha does outside of class. His extracurriculars range from being on the football team to designing for the upcoming spring fashion show, Washed Ashore. Her Campus spoke with Elisha to get a sneak peek of his designs, to learn where he got his love of fashion and to figure out how he balances it all.

When did you start getting interested in fashion?

I would have to say around the third grade when I saw my brother wearing fitted clothes during an era where people were still wearing oversized t-shirts. That got me interested in fashion I suppose.

When did you begin designing clothes?

This is actually my first foray into designing clothes but I have somewhat of a background in architecture, so designing wasn't anything new, more so just the medium. Before I designed actual pieces, I was a curator of my own clothes, so I feel like that helps.

What made you want to design for the show this year?

I felt like it was the time to do it. Why not now?

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

I look for inspiration everywhere. Lately I've been an internet man because it shrinks the world a little bit, but I'd rather see people on the street and take inspiration from there. It's more fun that way.  

Is it difficult balancing the fashion show and football?

I mean it's hard balancing anything with football, but the fashion show has worked out better than expected when it comes to time conflicts.  

What do your teammates think of your designs?

My teammates have not actually seen any of my designs yet. I think they'll be supportive though. We tend to be supportive of each other even off of the field.

Do you think football has any impact on your style?

I don't think that it has an impact on my style as much as people may think. I feel like my style is something that can be expressed outside of football. I like to think of myself as more than just a football player at the end of the day.

What career goals do you have/what’s your dream job?

My dream job… I want to own my own high-quality men's boutique. Something like a place where our great grandparents would have gotten fitted for custom clothes, hung out and talked, even gotten a haircut, but all in a elegant setting.

If you want to see Elisha and all the designers’ looks, come out to Washed Ashore this Thursday, April 13th, at 8 pm in the Squires Commonwealth Ballroom. Tickets can be purchased prior to the show online for $5 or at the door for $7. Come out for Blacksburg’s most fashionable night, you won’t want to miss it!