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Elise Jason

Elise Jason, a senior, went to Auburn University her freshman year. During her sophomore year in 2008 she transferred to Virginia Tech. That spring, in 2009, she decided to go through sorority recruitment. At Auburn she had really wanted to be president of a sorority, but she thought it would be impossible at Virginia Tech since she was a transfer student. In fact, she became president of Delta Gamma during the spring and fall of 2010. During that time, she won outstanding new member of the year from Pan-Hellenic, and in 2011 she won outstanding Sorority President, also from Pan-Hellenic. She is in the Pan-Hellenic leadership society Rho Lambda, as well as in Phi Beta Kappa, which is awarded to the top 10% of the graduating class in the Liberal Arts College.

Her Campus Virginia Tech: What was your favorite thing you did as President?

Elise Jason: I went to Denver for the bi-annual Delta Gamma convention. Each chapter across the nation sends a representative and I was it. 

HCVT: What did you do there?

EJ: We voted on national bi-laws and the national president. We also had dinners and met DGs from all over the country.

HCVT: What is your favorite thing at Tech?

EJ: The International Fair! More people should go; it opens your eyes to all different cultures. In Greek life you can sometimes get stuck in a bubble. The fair shows you all the different things Tech has to offer.

HCVT: What else are you involved in?

EJ: I did an internship with Our Health magazine of Southwest Virginia. I walk with a local blind woman who I met through DG. Our philanthropy is Service for Sight. I also walk puppies for the humane society. I think everyone should do that too! I am actually giving myself one as a graduation present. The humane society is off exit 114 on interstate 81. (http://www.hsmcshelter.com)

HCVT: Do you have any other advice?

EJ: Get involved. Take the time to look around, checkout websites. Communication has definitely helped broaden my horizons and helped me branch out in the community.

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