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Election Day is for More than the White House

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Virginia Tech chapter.

Please vote. The election has already started with early voting options and mail-in ballots; if you can’t vote before November 3 please make a voting plan. There are more elected seats than just the presidency on the ballot, there are 35 Senate seats up for election. Currently the Senate is Republican-led, with the House of Representatives led by Democrats. No matter who wins the presidency, the Senate has to be flipped.

If former Vice President Joe Biden wins without the Senate majority shifting to Democrats, then everything he tries to pass and work with the Senate on is at risk of being shot down. The Affordable Care Act will not be expanded, the climate emergency will not be addressed and Remember the last two years of Obama’s presidency — how his Supreme Court nominee didn’t even get a hearing — it’ll be similar to that. Biden was not my first choice but that doesn’t subtract from the progress that can be made with his potential presidency. 

Joe Biden smiling at outdoor event
Photo by Gage Skidmore from Flickr

Absolute worst nightmare that Trump wins again, if Democrats control the Senate they can block everything he sends through. It will only be a small cushion to the crushing blow that would be, but it would be something. 

Of the Democratic candidates that could help flip the Senate, you may have heard of Jamie Harrison from South Carolina. Harrison is challenging Lindsey Graham, a proud Trump ally, and has raised $57 million dollars between July and September. You may have also heard of Amy McGrath from Kentucky, who is running against Mitch McConnell. McConnell is the current Senate majority leader and him losing would be a major upset. Sara Gideon, Maine Speaker of the House, is predicted to beat Susan Collins, who has been in the Senate for over 20 years. 

The impact of seats over than the one in the White House is often underscored and forgotten. The Senate approves judicial nominations, pass legislation, conduct investigations on the executive branch and conduct impeachment trials. 

election ballot with red and blue masks
Photo by Tiffany Tertipes from Unsplash

If you haven’t voted already, go and do that right now. Your vote does count, do not pay attention to the fear mongering tactics of Donald Trump. The projections of the election results are never a promise, do not assume that Biden will win and never vote. Make a plan for Election Day and stick to it. Your vote counts and the elected officials that run this country are our choice and powered by us, the people.

Jessica Mardian

Virginia Tech '21

Jessica is a senior at Virginia Tech, double majoring in Creative Writing and Multimedia Journalism. 
Proud to be Virginia Tech's Her Campus chapter!