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Debunking The Parent Trap: The Untold Story of Fraternal Twins

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Virginia Tech chapter.

Two identical and fiery redheads, their hair as bright as their personalities, spark a master scheme to reunite their separated parents. Upon discovering their biological connection, America’s favorite twins devise a plan to switch identities to orchestrate the operation. Equipped with a rowdy summer camp, state-of-the-art pranks, and a handshake performance worthy of an Emmy, The Parent Trap is truly an iconic cinematic production.

    Although Lindsey Lohan’s depiction merits incessant applause, there is a fault-line in the plot I must identify. No, I am not here to talk about COVID-19, and I promise the phrase “social distancing” will not slip off my tongue (starting now, of course). I am here to expose the falsity of The Parent Trap’s biggest hoax and to bring justice to fraternal twins globally.

    I am a twin sister, but, despite nine months snuggled together in the womb (or sitting on top of her head, more accurately,) we do NOT have clone-like properties. We do not have the same face, build, or personality, and the only thing we truly both possess is the same birthday. We are fraternal twins, not identical.

    Unfortunately, the only scheme we have been able to pull off is double the birthday cake. We have not switched places and impersonated each other’s identities. I have blue eyes and two inches of height on my shorter, hazel-eyed sister. My extroversion redefines extreme, while she is slightly more introverted and reserved. (Let’s just say, while selling Girl Scout cookies around our neighborhood, I was the one who rang the doorbells while she hid behind the mailboxes). Despite my social ease, I am a terrible listener, while she is genuinely the most compassionate and selfless person I know. 

    So, what do various childhood anecdotes from my past have to do with The Parent Trap? I am here to refute the misconceived belief that all twins look and behave exactly the same. We are two completely different people, sprung from two completely different eggs. Most importantly, despite a lack of duplicate DNA, we are forever best friends- and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 



Blaire McGavin

Virginia Tech '23

I am a freshman student majoring in marketing from Great Falls, Virginia. I graduated from a boarding school in Connecticut named Suffield Academy where I played field hockey, lacrosse, and swam. I love dogs and country music. I also have a twin sister!
Camden Carpenter

Virginia Tech '21

Senior studying Smart and Sustainable Cities, with hopes to become a traveling urban developer. Attemping to embody "Carpe Diem" in her everyday life, both physically by getting a tattoo of the quote, and mentally by taking risks while trying to maximize each day's full potential.