Comfy vs. Cute: How to Do Both in College

Putting in the effort to look cute when having to walk anywhere from 10-20 minutes across campus in any weather is definitely a hassle.  We’ve all had those days where last night’s t-shirt and some sweatpants are suitable to roll out the door in.  But, being in college doesn’t mean you have to give up stylish clothes in order to be comfortable. There’s a way to do both. Check out some of my favorite looks you can recreate and tips on how to be both comfy and cute this season!


Always be comfortable! That is my number one rule when it comes to dressing up in college. That means saving the heels and tight dresses for night outs as well as makeup on most days. With the cold weather right around the corner it's also so important to dress to stay warm. My favorite thing to do is layer a cozy sweater with a flannel either underneath or on top paired with my go-to green cargo jacket and fleece leggings. Make sure to rack up on all the basic colored leggings and joggers- grey, black and olive. Lastly, my holy grail tip is to use Dr. Scholl's shoe inserts! With those, I can wear nearly any shoe in the world for hours. I definitely recommend getting some!


Sneakers are no longer just for the gym! Sneakers are trending like crazy right now and if you don’t have any you’re definitely missing out. Pairing sneakers with skirts and dresses is my favorite thing. I love selecting sneakers not only in neutral black, grey, and white, but also in bright funky colors and patterns to add some pop to any outfit. Check out these pins for some inspiration on how to nail the “athletic chic” look.


I can not stress enough how a statement necklace, red lips or even just patterned leggings can take nearly any outfit to the next level. I love pairing joggers and a tee with a bold statement necklace and neutral flats.  The flats, tee and joggers keep me feeling like I'm wearing PJ’s all day while the statement necklace adds in some style. Just like the pop necklace can add, swiping on your favorite red lipstick on a messy bun day can instantly refresh your look.  I love doing both of those things because they give so much style with so little effort!

    Textures and Patterns

Another quick way to amp up your outfit while staying comfy is simply adding different patterns and textures to your wardrobe. Instead of a solid colored scarf choose the one with cheetah print, choose a leather moto jacket to pair with jeans and a T instead of a sweatshirt. Choose lace up flats, go with mesh paneled leggings instead of solid black. Really, the options are endless!  Making small changes to various items makes a huge difference.


It’s so simple to stay stylish while still wearing comfortable pieces. All it takes is a little creativity and thinking outside the box. Don’t limit your style for comfort when you can have both!   

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