Cheap Date Ideas in Blacksburg

Dating culture is slowly dying as college guys tend to use the excuse that they cannot afford to take a girl out on a date. College students are broke and money is a legitimate concern, but it is no excuse for not giving a girl the respectful date she deserves. Whether you are a Blacksburg bachelor or a girl looking for a date idea that will not break her significant other’s wallet, here is a list of cheap dates in Blacksburg to make everyone happy and eliminate the financial excuse.

Cinebowl Tuesdays:

All day Tuesday movies are only $6 at Cinebowl! A movie date will never go out of style so you cannot go wrong with this one.

Hahn Garden:

A walk through Hann Garden is a completely free date. Believe it or not walking through the gardens or sitting on a bench together is an awesome opportunity to just talk or get to know one another.

Animal Shelters: If you love animals as much as I do, a great date could just be visiting a nearby shelter like the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, or any local farms where one can visit the animals.

The Lyric Theatre:

The Lyric Theatre is a Blacksburg staple. A historic movie theatre right downtown is the perfect place for a movie date while there are plenty of food options nearby and a walk through town after is always a great time to talk.

Gillie’s Restaurant:

Gillie’s is a great pick for a breakfast date as some of the dishes, like the smoked salmon hash, come out large enough for two to split.

Hiking: Hiking is always an awesome date wherever you are in the world, but hiking is a great date option in Blacksburg especially. Hiking puts you both in a good mood with great scenery and gives you plenty of time to talk. Hiking puts you both in a relaxed setting without pressure.

Virginia Tech Athletics: Some sports games are completely free to watch, like regular season soccer or baseball games. You can watch a game you love while also getting to know each other in a low pressure environment. Watching the game opens the conversation of sports while it also provides entertainment if there is ever a lull in conversation.


The Breakzone is a great way to get competitive and have some fun at a low price. You cannot go wrong with shooting pool or a classic game of bowling.

Moss Arts Center Rush Tickets:

The Moss Arts Center offers free rush tickets to students, text “arts” to 31996 and you will be added to a list of students who can receive the free tickets. This provides a rather classy free date!

The Duck Pond: A Hokie date list cannot be in existence without the Duck Pond earning a spot. Sitting and talking by the pond is a date in itself but adding a picnic or a dog never hurts. Obviously anything with a dog will always be a top date for me, but a personal twist in the past has been getting Cookout to go and picnicking by a moonlit duck pond.

There are so many great date opportunities in Blacksburg, hopefully this list will supply you with some inspiration for future dates. So if you were using the excuse of lacking date funds or ideas, problem solved! Head out and discover the dating scene of Blacksburg. After all, Virginia is for lovers.