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The term “body positivity” does not have one universal meaning. Instead, it is catered to every individual’s goals, personal drive, and motivation. What may be body positivity to one woman may be the exact opposite of another’s, and that’s okay. It’s time to start prioritizing yourself first.


I asked my chapter members for their definition of body positivity, and here’s what they had to say:


“Body positivity means emitting admiration and love for yourself, even if others fail to acknowledge it.” – Camden Carpenter


“Body positivity means learning how to fall in love with yourself and recognizing that your body has been there for you since day one – it loves you, so you should love it too.” – Maggie Hwang


“It’s not simple, but for me, body positivity has become meeting my body at a place of acceptance and compassion. Acknowledging all the wonder my body has done, continues to do and will do for me and celebrating these triumphs, big or small.” – Jessica Mardian


“Body positivity means feeling comfortable in my own skin and feeling good about the way I look despite it being different from the way society deems perfect.” – Sara Mathew


“To me body positivity means putting an end to comparisons. It’s learning to love and accept myself – no matter how long that journey may take.” – Sarah Carr


“Body positivity means acknowledging your progress and focusing on all the great things you can accomplish, rather than feeling limited by imperfections and societal norms about who you should be.” – Kaitlyn Horinko


“To me, body positivity means stepping back from viewing myself through the lens of society’s standards to objectively understand what I need to work on through the lens of health, not beauty. It’s about being confident in who I am, while always striving to be better in a healthy way.” – Allie Rathert


“Body positivity means accepting your body for what it is and not what you want it to be. Comparing yourself to others is what leads to so many women feeling bad about themselves. As soon as you can accept your own body it’s easier to support and accept others.” – Mia Hermsen


“ Body positivity means to me to accept others bodies for what they are and more importantly your own and not compare yourself to others because we were all born to be different.” – Erin Howe


“Body positivity is the celebration of our differences, rather than the fixation on our flaws.” – Cat Knowles


“Body positivity means embracing every part of our body as well as the bodies of others. It’s about promoting the message everyone is created differently and that is okay.” – Elizabeth Owusu



It is time for women to create your their own definition of body positivity. Whatever you’ve been through, and whatever you’re going through, will all be worth it because the love you have for yourself is irreplaceable. Kobi Yamada’s quote, “She designed a life she loved”, has become a phrase that I try to embody, and I hope you do, too.


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Camden Carpenter

Virginia Tech '21

Senior studying Smart and Sustainable Cities, with hopes to become a traveling urban developer. Attemping to embody "Carpe Diem" in her everyday life, both physically by getting a tattoo of the quote, and mentally by taking risks while trying to maximize each day's full potential.
Jessica Mardian

Virginia Tech '21

Jessica is a senior at Virginia Tech, double majoring in Creative Writing and Multimedia Journalism. 
Sarah Carr

Virginia Tech '20

Sarah is a current senior majoring in multimedia journalism and minoring in sociology. 
Kaitlyn Horinko

Virginia Tech '19

Kaitlyn can usually be found 15 minutes early to wherever she's going, with Starbucks in hand. She is passionate about social media and finding new ways to advocate for mental health, and enjoys making playlists, road trips, and writing in her free time.
Erin Howe

Virginia Tech '19

I’m a corporate finance major with a minor in pre-law, hoping to go to law school as well as owning two Great Danes in the future.
Catharine Knowles

Virginia Tech '21

Hi friends! My name is Cat, and I come from a one-stoplight town in rural Pennsylvania, but I love to read, write, edit, and much more. I have always dreamed of seeing my name on the spine of a book, and you'll almost never find me without my nose in a novel or not obsessing over a new tv show or movie adaptation.
Elizabeth Owusu

Virginia Tech '22

Elizabeth is a undergrad at Virginia Tech and is a double major in Sociology and Political Science. Her top three favorite things to do are hangout with friends, working out, and writing. Fun Fact, her favorite food is boneless wings! Her ideal night includes cuddling up under a warm blanket watching the Bold Type. In addition to Her Campus, she is involved in the Sociology/ Criminology club, a living learning community, and a foundation focused on empowering young girls called AWARE. From her experience writing with Her Campus, she hopes to grow as a writer by stepping out of her comfort zone as well as connect to people. Her instagram is: Elizaabeth14.
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