Celebrating Ladies Night in the Weight Room!

This past Wednesday, the Her Campus team set up in McComas hall for the annual Ladies Night in the Weight Room, hosted by Virginia Tech Rec Sports.

As summarized in the following statement, "Ladies Night in the Weight Room is a chance for all female students, faculty and staff to experience the weight room in a comfortable, educational, and open setting." 

For the night, all ladies were given sole access to the front weight room from 5:00-7:00 pm to learn proper form by a team of female trainers, to work out without the intimidation of a male-dominated space and to connect with empowering groups on campus such as your very own Her Campus and Body Matters Project! During this woman-oriented event, men were redirected around the space to the back weight room, allowing the women the chance to experience a more welcoming environment. As another alternative, men were also given the opportunity to participate in Broga (yoga for men). 

The Her Campus team was excited to receive a space to interact at the event. We offered relevant giveaways and prizes, specifically in theme with products women would desire to use before or after the gym! We are very concerned with providing women the opportunities to be educated on health and wellness, so the event was perfect for us to engage with others. 

Pictured is product from the HC Survival Kits that were given away to ladies who attended the event, some of which included brands like: Cystex, Pssssst Dry shampoo, Juicy Couture, Erin Condren and Charlotte Tilbury.

HC team members decorated the space with an HC banner and flag, before engaging with attendees. 

Body Matters Project team members also had a presence at Ladies Night in the Weight Room. With a table full of props like funky, oversized glasses, feather boas and cards which read "I love my ________," ladies could grab a prop and fill in the card with what they loved most about themselves. 

Body Matters Project is a Hokie Wellness campus-wide program that encourages positive body image and self esteem. This relates to self-care, fitness, healthy eating and other lifestyle choices. Body Matters Project offers the Body Project Workshop Series which grants groups the knowledge on preventing unrealistic body image, eating disorders and other related issues. 

In support of positive body image, the HC team snapped a pic and wrote what they loved about their bodies. 

A separate, exclusively-sponsored prize was offered in a raffle: the Veeda period survival kit-- which generated much enthusiasm from ladies in attendance. 

We hope you will visit the mentioned resources and encourage healthy body habits for yourself and all of your friends. 

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