Bondi Sands: Your New Best Friend

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Our chapter was lucky enough to get to try out some of the Bondi Sands self-tanning foams, self-tanning oil, and self-tanning eraser. As we have girls of varying skin tones it was interesting to see the results on each member and to see the variety of shades that can be created by self-tanning. While some didn’t see major tans right away, the natural sunkissed glow really helped to revive the skin and make us feel like we haven’t just come out of one of the most confusing winter seasons of our lifetime.

I myself am a tanning addict, and yes I do know the risks involved but I’m Vitamin D deficient and I spend a lot of time indoors working on the computer and doing art so I don’t mind a few hours of unprotected sun exposure. I have found that in the winter months I really do start to miss my tan, especially with my bright hair colors as I tend to look more washed out the lighter I get. It wasn’t until I was about 18 that I was brave enough to try self-tanning but I could never really find a product that worked well enough or didn’t leave me with awkward streaks or patches.

With graduation coming up soon I have really been looking forward to getting some sun and getting just a slight tan so that I would look a little better in my pictures, but since my pool just opened and I’m not a fan of just sitting in the sun without a way to cool off I’ve been avoiding natural tanning. When we got the Bondi Sands package I jumped at the opportunity to try an Aussie based self-tanning brand, because everyone knows they have some of the most beautifully, naturally bronzed skin I’ve ever seen.

I personally got the dark and ultra dark self tanning foam which both smelled surprisingly pleasant since this product is enriched with coconut and aloe. I started with the dark foam as I wasn’t sure how dark it would be on me and I was really surprised that not only did the application mitt make it a million times easier to apply, but it wasn’t overly orange and it didn’t overdevelop and cause any weird patches anywhere. It left a really natural glow on my skin, as if I had just spent the weekend away at the beach. Since I was so impressed with the results and I wanted to be slightly darker, I decided that a few days later I would do a layer of the ultra dark foam on top. Even after accidently laying on my legs and sitting on textured blankets, I ended up with a natural looking tan that faded out in the right areas and didn’t look overly unrealistic.

While I still have my great love for natural tanning, I think that I have found my number one self tanning brand that I would recommend not only to you, our readers, but to all of my friends and family as well. It really did a great job fitting my needs and it worked well for other members who aren’t the same complexion as me and may not like the super dark tanned look that I do. If you’re struggling to find a solution in the next few weeks before formals and graduations I really suggest you go to your local Walgreens and check out Bondi Sands. It’s really one of the best products I’ve ever gotten to try and I will definitely be repurchasing it as soon as I start to run out.


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