Birkenstocks: Are They Worth the Hype?

Growing up I had a friend who owned a pair of worn out, green (maybe once upon a time brown), “lazy shoes” as she would call them. I hated when she wore those. I thought they were the absolute most hideous things in the world and judged her so hard when she wore them to school repeatedly. Little would either of us have ever guessed that years later they would be considered “cute” maybe even fashionable.

Birkenstocks are no longer being worn for just comfort but also style too. I can't even count on my hands how many girls I see sporting them around campus once the weather is warm. I can’t lie, I think I may be getting sucked into the Birkenstock craze! Since their recent reemergence, I’ve done my research on them to decide if they are really all they seem to be.


When I first started seeing birks out, the first thing I did was go online and see how much they were. I was stunned when I found out how expensive they were! After talking to a few friends and even borrowing a pair for the day, I see the price as negotiable. The comfort they give is out of this world and the different style and color varieties they come in plus their durability made the price not a problem. If you’re just into birks for the style trend though, I wouldn’t recommend dropping some cash on them. Plenty of popular retailers are carrying their own cool variations of the shoe, such as my personal favorite store Target.


Versatility and Comfort

Another big reason I’m giving Birkenstocks a thumbs up is for their surprisingly wide style range. They’re cool for lazy days in athletic shorts and a shirt but also work with fun overalls and cute crop tops. They come in different cool colors and styles which makes them pairable with nearly any outfit for this upcoming summer season. Like I said before, birkenstocks are extremely comfy! With increased wear they mold to your feet giving you customized comfort. I definitely recommend bringing these to all your summer excursions!


At the end of the day, Birkenstocks are definitely this summer’s go-to shoe. I gave into the hype of them but it's so worth it! Head to stores like DSW or Nordstrom to find your perfect genuine pair or find some other funky ones by brands like Steve Madden. Get in on the trend!

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