Best Stand Up To Watch On Netflix Right Now

With Netflix releasing a multitude of specials and the current pandemic pushing us to stay indoors, there’s never been a better time to be a fan of stand-up comedy. Take a look at some of the best acts to binge while you’re home.  


Pete Davidson: Alive From New York


Pete Davidson’s had a rough year or adult life in complete honesty. Luckily, the twenty-six-year-old SNL star has an envied skill of funneling his failures into comedic gold. His newest special on Netflix, “Alive From New York” is bold and hilarious. Davidson’s act centers around jokes about his “roommate”, a.k.a. his mom, and the twisted and unfortunate ways his life had been impacted by ex-fiancé Ariana Grande and the media’s portrayal of him after their relationship ended. When the jokes appear too bitter, Davidson reminds viewers in an equally laughable and self-mocking tone: “She has her songs and stuff, and I have this”. If you’re a fan of Pete Davidson, or if you just love self-deprecating humor, “Alive from New York” won’t disappoint. 


Aziz Ansari: Right Now  


Aziz Ansari’s new special “Right Now” functions as both a reaction to the Parks and Rec star’s recently controversial image in the media and an apology for his naive, former championing of now-indicted singer R. Kelly. Ansari took a break from stand up for a little while, focusing on his book “Modern Romance” and series “Master of None”, but he’s back and better than ever. Directed by Spike Jonze, “Right Now” is a hit with those who love cynical takes on the failures of society and Hollywood. 


Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby


Many of us have seen him in skits on Saturday Night Live or hosting celebrities on his late-night show, however, never have we seen Seth Meyers take on a Netflix stand up special until now. The special mainly focuses on Meyer’s family and career, with a chunk about Trump in the middle. One of the more inventive features in “Lobby Baby”, is the “skip politics” button inserted for viewers who wish only to hear Meyers joke about being a dad and not the current political climate. Of course, the button is a joke; it only reroutes viewers to the same second in the act once they hear a misleading punchline that will make them rewind for context. Whether you appreciate the political commentary or not, “Lobby Baby” is a lighthearted and clever must-see presented to us by one of the most beloved figures in comedy. 


Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis


Though I have a lot of respect for comedy veterans like Aziz Ansari and Seth Meyers, there is a kind of generational familiarity in twenty-five-year-old Taylor Tomlinson’s newest act, “Quarter-Life Crisis”. With her witty references to Taylor Swift songs and the struggles of living in a society in which it is deemed acceptable for online daters to send emojis as pick-up lines, Tomlinson brings a fresh, female voice to the world stand up that we’ve all been waiting for. Her devoutly religious upbringing serves to comedically contrast many of the self-deprecating, X-rated jokes she weaves into her routine. As this is only her first special featured on Netflix, Tomlinson is definitely someone to pay attention to as she progresses in her career.


Whitney Cummings: Can I Touch It? 


Whitney Cummings is not only one of our favorite female faces in comedy, but she also is pretty reliable, churning out good content regularly. “Can I Touch It”, though, is like nothing we’ve ever seen from Cummings, or in stand up in general. That’s because Cummings isn’t doing a solo act, she’s accompanied by her robot look-alike “Bearclaw”. Yes, Whitney Cummings created a robot with her exact face and body to deliver content with her on stage and it’s hilarious. The majority of the special discusses the comedian’s surprising excitement toward the world’s advancements in Artificial Intelligence. The special is true to Cummings’ quirky and unfiltered nature, and it’s worth watching even if it's just to see how strange and realistic a robot comedian looks like.