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I know how hard life can be and how busy it gets. I know how stressful work can get or school can get so I have prepared a list of self care practices that help me so hopefully they can help you too. 

Have a spa night!

Spa nights are so much fun especially when you’ve been stressed or feeling sick. I always like picking different facemasks, lighting a candle and just relaxing. I love having spa nights with my girlfriend when we’ve both had a stressful week of exams and many assignments. Facemasks, eye masks, and body scrubs are always fun to do when you’ve had a stressful week.

Get your nails done!

When I’m tired or I’ve been having a rough time, I like doing my nails or getting them done. I like to pick out colors that make me happy so that when I look at them I have good thoughts to chase the bad ones away. Some of my favorite places to go to are Nail Bar and Top Nails. 

Binge watch tv!

Another one of my favorite self care practices is binge watching my favorite movies or shows. It’s so nice being able to just lay on the couch or in bed and watch tv. Some of my favorite tv shows to binge watch are New Girl, Gilmore Girls, and Criminal Minds. I always like finding a good movie, popping some popcorn, grabbing my favorite blanket, and snuggling up on the couch. I find binge watching tv one of my favorite self care practices. 


Journaling is such a great self care practice. Journaling is not only therapeutic but it’s nice to be able to look back and see how far you’ve come. Journaling is so much fun because you get to pick the cutest journal or decorate them however you want. There are so many different styles of journaling that help so many people, it’s definitely something to try out.

I hope at least one of these practices helps you. I know that life can take a toll on you so don’t forget to take a break and take some time for yourself. Taking time is so important so don’t forget to schedule some time for yourself. 

Katie Tuggle

Virginia Tech '25

Hi, my name is Katie and I'm a senior majoring in psychology. I love being around my friends and family, chasing sunsets, listening to music, and driving around. I am so happy to be a part of the Her Campus writing team because I feel like I have found a place where my voice gets heard. Her Campus allows me to tell my stories without being interrupted and it gives me a place to be my true self.