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Virginia Tech is known for having the number one dining in the nation. This is something that Hokies are extremely proud of, and so fortunate to take advantage of. But, did we mention that Blacksburg itself also has amazing eats in the local area?! Double score. Here are some of our favorite Blacksburg eats!

Wicked Taco

We recently held a percentage night here (thanks, Wicked Taco!) and it’s no surprise why. They have delicious tacos for reasonable prices – something that college students definitely look for. The tacos at this restaurant have a variety of ingredients in them, including chicken, steak, potatoes, diced plantains, Mexican slaw and of course – wicked sauce. Definitely one of the best Blacksburg eats, you have to check them out!


Who doesn’t love a cheap slice of pizza that is bigger than your face?! Enough said. The pizza here is filling, fresh and delicious.


Favorite. Brunch. Ever. They have several vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options for those that look for that in a restaurant. Even if you don’t stick to these dietary restrictions, you will leave this restaurant feeling full and content. Brunch on the weekends here is amazing, I highly recommend the Red Earth. This brunch plate contains eggs, salsa, potatoes and a side of toast!

Cabo Fish Taco

Every Hokie has to go here. Cabo Fish Taco has a lively setting and even better food. The tacos, burritos and appetizers here always taste fresh. Go snag the grilled lemon pepper tuna tacos before forcing yourself to study for finals! I especially love going here when it’s warm outside and daydreaming of actually being in Cabo instead of stressing over exams.


Sometimes, you just crave fast food. The milkshakes here are to die for, and with just five dollars you can have a feast. Perfect for late night shenanigans with friends.

The Black Hen

Granted, this is more upscale than the other restaurants on this list, and more on the expensive side, but this is a nice place to go on special occasions like celebrating a milestone in someone’s life. So fun and special for anniversary dates!

El Rodeo

With two in the area, Hokies are lucky. The arroz con pollo is so yummy, and this is definitely the perfect place for ages 21+ to get huge margaritas.

Virginia Tech Dining


As a Virginia Tech student and someone who has eaten at each of these restaurants and more in the area, I highly recommend everyone try these spots out! They are delicious and in convenient locations. If you are fortunate enough to be in such a great area for foodies, be sure to take advantage of the best Blacksburg eats!

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