Bermuda Shorts: Your Middle School Favorites Revamped

We all are familiar with bermuda shorts from elementary and middle school. They were the only shorts we could manage to wear that meet the fingertip length requirement. I dreaded the way those shorts looked years later once I was finally out of the constraining dress code schooling.

However, little did I know they would make a comeback. This spring, bermuda shorts have revamped themselves as a stylish and refreshed piece. Being worn by celebrities and reappearing in the spring lines of many top fashion brands, it is worth re-adopting the bermuda short trend!

American Eagle

Popular teen brand American eagle is currently bringing its shorts out with more options than ever. This year they introduced the “slouchy bermuda” and the “skinny bermuda”. Both give off a more tomboy vibe when paired with button ups and graphic tees.





The Kardashians

Famous for their fashion-forward pieces, the Kardashian sisters were one of the first to rock the bermuda shorts this year — often pairing them with bodysuits to give an effortlessly sexy look.


I’m still slightly in shock that this is a thing! I look forward to trying out the new summer look while hitting up the beach and summer parties this season. Here’s some of my other favorite ways to style bermuda shorts.

An airy top paired with torn bermudas gives off a chill vibe while the pairing offers just the right dose of cool and cute.

Pairing bermudas with a high-neck bodysuit and sleek shoes give off fierce vibes for the night-time. I can’t wait to see more of this trend this summer. Who knows, these may even be able to replace your beloved low-rise cropped shorts.

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