Ask VT Guys: What's the First Thing You Notice in a Girl

Have you ever traversed the internet for the unsolicited truth from males? — If yes, then you are in luck. This week, we are introducing a new segment which gives us a peek inside the minds of our very own: the guys of Virginia Tech. For this first prompt, Her Campus at Virginia Tech asked some guys on campus: "What's the first thing you notice in a girl?" The answers varied from the honest appreciation for a specific feature to the unique. As women, we can't help but enjoy getting a different perspective. Enjoy! 

“I notice whether or not a girl has a sense of humor and can joke around without taking herself too seriously, because it's important for the girl you're with to be herself around you. It's nice to have someone you can laugh with!”

- Thomas, Class of 2019

“I would say the first thing I notice is her smile or her personality, whether she seems fun and outgoing or not”

-Anonymous, Class of 2017

“I wish I was classy so I could say personality, but really I go for the booty.”

-Chase, Class of 2017

"In all honesty, beauty. Not even a word said and it can send you dreaming"

-Mauri Vargas, Class of 2017

"I think I would say, someone I can laugh with and be myself around."

-Bryan, Class of 2017


Billy, Class of 2018

“Clean, healthy, long hair”

-Bobby, Class of 2018

“Smile and teeth”

 -Danny, Class of 2018



"Face. Eyes... This is kind of hard to answer because my girlfriend is right here."

-Chris, Class of 2019


-Tim, Class of 2018

“Eyes and humor”

-Brian, Class of 2019

“ Confidence and how laid back they are”

-Casey, Class of 2019

"Definitely her posture: if she stands up straight, or if she is timid."

-Rocky, Class of 2018

"The first thing I notice is their hair. Hair can make a girl look put together."

-Billy, Class of 2019

"Her face."

 -Jordan, Class of 2017

"I always notice how much makeup she wears."


"Her eyes or hair."

-Darius, Class of 2018

"Personality and eyes."

-Jahque, Class of 2019

"Either eyes or teeth. Bright-colored eyes catch my attention."

 -Zorian, Class of 2019

We hope you enjoyed this new segment! Have an idea of what we should ask next? Comment your thoughts and suggestions below.