The Amateur's Guide to House Plants

Warning: Plant Puns Ahead

There’s no denying that being ~stuck~ in a too-small apartment or your childhood bedroom can ~succ~ the life out of you. With classes keeping us tethered to a computer for most of the day, it is easy to feel isolated from the great outdoors. The addition of houseplants may be exactly what you need to brighten up your small space! Also, the act of caring for your plants can be very therapeutic!

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up while taking on the role of plant mom!

1) Look for lowlight plants!

Unless you’ve got massive windows, you probably don’t have enough light to sustain a full sun plant. Even partial sun plants are a little risky for your indoor space, but you might be able to make it work by moving it during the day to the windows that receive the most sunlight. You could also mitigate the lack of light with incandescent plant lights which start at $25 on Amazon.

If you buy a plant that can’t be supported by the light in your home, you run the risk of it wilting, not flowering, or even dying. Personally, I find it easier to just buy lowlight plants. You can buy your indoor plants from Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, or other varieties of produce stands and farmer's markets.


2) Research how to care for your particular plant!

It is important to understand the specific needs of the plant you are buying. Consider how often it needs to be watered and if it will need fertilizer or plant food. Look into what type of soil your plant thrives in. It is also important to know how big your plant will get so you can estimate how many ~thymes~ you will need to re-pot it. 


3) Consider an air plant!

Air plants are pretty awesome in my opinion. They sustain themselves off of the moisture in the air, so you don’t even have to water them! Also, they tend to look like something off of another planet! Most of them come from desert areas, so they are used to harsh conditions and neglect. If you’re still developing your green thumb, this might be a great place to start!


4) Stock up on the equipment your plants need to survive and thrive!

What you need to care for your plants will vary based on the particular species you have bought. For my plants, I have bought a mister, an indoor watering can, a small trowel, and pots in varying sizes for repotting as my babies grow.


5) Buy equipment that is functional and pretty!

I find that I am much more likely to use tools if I like the way they look. When shopping for tools to take care of your new plant babies, look for equipment that will look cute in your space and get the job done. Yes, you will likely have to spend a few dollars more for fun colors and shapes, but isn’t it worth it if it means you’ll enjoy using them?

Most of my equipment comes from Amazon and Walmart. However, while I haven’t personally ~botany~ tools from Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie, they definitely have some very pretty gear with great reviews.  

Houseplants are a great way to purify the air in your small space, reduce stress, and decorate! 

Words of encourage-mint: Crush your classes and finish the semester strong so your plants can have a better life! You grow, girl!

Bright living room area with green plants