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Allie Golden, Virginia Tech Panhellenic Council President

If you think you’re busy, trying being the fearless student leader behind the 12 Panhellenic sororities on Virginia Tech’s campus. As the president of the governing body of Virginia Tech’s sororities, junior Allie Golden never stops.  If she’s not in class she’s running to the Greek office, attending any number of organization meeting’s she’s involved with, or just answering emails.
Her Campus Virginia Tech: What kinds of things were you involved with in high school?

Allie Golden: I was pretty involved in high school! I was class president and I represented my school on the Student Advisory Committee to the superintendant. I played lacrosse, field hockey, and ran track. I was very active in a marketing club called DECA, and I was a huddle leader for Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

HCVT: What kinds of things are you involved with here at Tech other than the Virginia Tech Panhellenic Council?

Golden: I am on the 2013 Leadership Team for my class and a part of an organization called Care for AIDS (check it out!). I have been a Hokie Camp counselor (RED HOT – holler session 2!!) and a Big Event staff member, which were both awesome. I am a member of the Virginia Tech Nicaraguan Orphan Fund (VTNOF) and traveled to Nicaragua last year. I also serve on the Commission of Student Affairs and attend Town Gown meetings representing students.

HCVT: How did you know you wanted to go Greek at Virginia Tech?

Golden: I knew that I wanted to be involved at Virginia Tech and that going Greek would be a great start. As a freshman, our campus feels huge! Going Greek changes that, because you meet so many people and realize that our Hokie community is very close.

HCVT: Did you have a leadership position before becoming the Virginia Tech Panhellenic Council president?

Golden: I served as my chapter’s Panhellenic Delegate last year, so I was exposed to being on executive council within my chapter and the Panhellenic community at the same time.

HCVT: When and why did you become interested in being Panhellenic president?

Golden: I knew that I wanted to further pursue leadership positions in the Panhellenic community early on, but I didn’t know what position right away. As last year ended, I realized that Panhellenic president was a position I was really interested in and applied.  

HCVT: Did anyone really encourage you to run for the position on Panhellenic?

Golden: My chapter (Zeta Tau Alpha) was very encouraging and supportive when I decided to apply to Panhellenic Council.

HCVT: What’s a typical day as the Panhellenic president look like?

Golden: Well, some days are definitely a lot crazier than others. During my average day, I spend about an hour checking and responding to emails. I usually swing by the Greek office to get things done between classes. Depending on the day, I have anywhere from one to three meetings each day. Some are meetings that I just attend, and others are meetings that I am hosting and therefore require much more preparation.

HCVT: You must be really busy being the president of the governing body of 12 sororities and a student, how do you manage your time and stay organized?

Golden: It was definitely a struggle at first, but I’m the type of person who works well under pressure. When I have a lot to do, I can’t afford to waste a lot of time and I am forced to be super productive. I also have a great support system in our executive board if I ever need help!

HCVT: What do you like about being the Panhellenic Council president?

Golden: My favorite part of my position is all of the people I get to work with. Panhellenic executive council, the delegates, the chapter presidents, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life staff — everyone is awesome.

HCVT: What do you dislike about being the Panhellenic Council president?

Golden: To be honest, there’s nothing really that I dislike about my position! I was definitely overwhelmed with the amount of emails I got in the beginning, but I’ve adjusted and I really have no complaints.

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