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I get it, we’re way past Valentine’s Day. Haven’t we been tortured enough? However, I know I’m not the only one going through a healing stage or just plain chronic single-ness. Spring is in the air, so why does it feel so lonely? So as your freshly single fairy godmother, I’m here to share a couple of ways to fight back against your loneliness!

Start reading More

Who doesn’t love romanticizing everything about their life? You know that book you’ve been dying to read? Pick it up! Who said you couldn’t look good while doing it either? Throw on your best outfit and head over to your favorite coffee shop, park, or study spot on campus. Don’t forget to bring your annotation tools. 2 chapters in you won’t even remember what you were worrying about. It’s also a great conversation starter if you see someone reading something interesting next to you!

Become a foodie

I know I’m not the only one out there who loves to eat. I know you guys have seen those trending recipes on TikTok to spice up your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So, break out all of your kitchen essentials and fix a couple of your favorites! Throw a dinner party! Host a wine night with your friends! Cooking is a great skill to have so make yours unique! Is your schedule too busy for cooking? Try that new restaurant that just opened up! Taste-test a new menu item and tell your friends all about it! The more time spent focusing on things you like, the less time will be spent overthinking over things you can’t control!

Start Dressing Up to Go To Class

I am notorious for throwing on a hoodie and yoga pants and heading out the door to Squires Colonial. For a couple of days out of the week, try actually dressing up for class. Style your hair a different way or try a new makeup hack you found on TikTok! This way you’ll look in the mirror and know that you are your best possible self for the day!

Take Up A New Hobby

Do you know that cycling class you’ve always wanted to try at Mccomas? Sign up for it. Thinking about volunteering? Get some friends together and sign up for the Big Event! Always wanted to open up that Depop shop? Download the app! This is the perfect time to try something that you’ve always wanted to try. It’s a great way to get out and meet new people and even be great resume builders!

Cash Out On Self-Care

I know we’ve all seen those ‘maintenance day’ vlogs on TikTok and Youtube. Now, it’s your turn! Get your nails done! Get a haircut or get that treatment you’ve been thinking about! Splurge on your skincare! Try that new liquid blush that’s finally back in stock. Try yoga and meditation — there’s a class in Mccomas. The best place to start looking for new love is within yourself and that means being at peace with your mind, your body, and your spirit!

I know it is hard, especially with midterm grades coming out and the horrible weather that’s been plaguing Blacksburg for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, these tips will help! You never know, maybe that next best friend or romantic interest is waiting for you in Newman Library waiting for you to spark a conversation with them!

Havahn is a public relations major and professional & technical writing minor at Virginia Tech. Havahn encourages people to don't be ashamed of their likes and dislikes and often shows that in her writing. You can find her studying or in the gym if she's not watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta.