9 Cute Game Day Outfit Ideas

Game day fashion is a unique outfit opportunity since it varies between schools across the country. Some girls go for the classy, traditional dressed up look, while others go for the more modern, dressed down appeal. Spotting the cutest maroon or orange romper at a boutique and knowing no one else will have it is the best feeling for any Hokie girl. Here is some inspiration from favorite game day outfits spotted across the country!

1. School Color Coordinated Dresses and Shorts

Every outfit in this photo is perfect for a football game. Not only are the dresses and shorts cute, but they match the school colors. It’s possible to rock the school spirit and look great at the same time--which is the goal here. Do not be afraid to throw in a pattern--floral, boho, and stripes are very popular right now.


2. Body Suits and Ripped Jeans

Body suits and ripped jeans are in, so pairing them with school gear is the trendy game day outfit you are looking for. The use of Penn State’s “We Are” chant is perfect, and throwing on the choker adds a great touch to the outfit. The Nittany Lion ears are also a staple for Penn State games, so throwing them on adds a cute fan vibe. To do this at Lane, add a VT bow or any Hokie bird gear to achieve the same look.


3. Cowgirl Boots

Cowgirl boots are always a go to shoe for tailgating. Not only are they a staple, but they are also made to handle a lot more mud than white converse can. Denim is always in, and right now high waisted mini skirts are everywhere. A denim overall dress is seriously underrated and is the perfect way to complete the look.


4. Denim, denim, denim

Once again, you seriously cannot go wrong with denim. The broken-in cowgirl boots let everyone know this is not your first rodeo. A laced up blouse is so stylish and the maroon purse would be the perfect addition to any Hokie girl's outfit, while it appears to even be within the new bag restrictions.


5. Twinning

Twinning with your bestie or sister makes for cute instas. The baseball tee is always a fave on slightly cooler game days, while the t-shirt dress version adds some trendiness. Hunter boots are a smart pick, since Hokies show up for tailgating rain or shine, so there will definitely be some days you will be wanting cute rain boots.


6. Off-the-Shoulder Shirts

The off the shoulder top is in, and having a maroon one is definitely a game day essential. The ripped denim shorts prove you can literally throw on denim and look awesome. This purse is so stylish while showing off the school mascot.


7. Overall Dresses

Overall dresses are super in style, therefore a maroon one is the perfect attire for a Virginia Tech football game. An orange striped t-shirt gives you both school colors in the best possible way, but a tight cropped white tank would also look cute underneath the overalls. If you can pull of a bucket hat, then a VT bucket hat and a denim dress embodies the sporty look.


8. Overalls

If you can rock the striped overalls like this girl can, then go for it because you are a whole new level of fashionable. The black off the shoulder top with the small stand up collar is not only insanely trendy right now but also adds so much to the look. The sunglasses make the outfit straight up cool.


9. Oversized Jerseys

Last but not least, the oversized jersey is a game day staple which cannot be ignored. It does not matter whether paired with cowgirl boots or white converse, the outfit is golden.

One of the best experiences in any Hokie’s college life is football season. Enter Sandman will forever force you to jump, and jumping alongside your favorite fellow Hokies really gives any Hokie the feeling of community. Many memories will be made, and many pictures will be taken, so definitely have some fun pulling together those game day outfits.


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