5 Youtubers to Brighten Your Mood

Over the years, YouTube has become an enormous platform for several people to create and share their beloved content with the world. Though having obvious restrictions, anyone can start a channel and create any content they wish to make. Certain creators do start to gain a following and soon watch their channels soar in popularity. Some of the more well known YouTubers consist of Zoella, a very popular beauty vlogger, Jenna Marbles, a comedy vlogger, and most famously PewDiePie, who has dominated the gaming genre, accumulating the most subscribers of all on YouTube.

However, in recent years, especially after the “death” of Vine, several of those people made the switch to YouTube and have been slowly dominating the service. Here are five YouTubers that are guaranteed to brighten your day.

1. Liza Koshy

Originally starting out on Vine, Liza is no doubt currently dominating YouTube. Her channel has around 12.5 million subscribers, having started in 2013. Though her content is not particularly my style, there is no question that she is a talented creator and comedian, especially with her gift of making puns. My favorite video of hers has to be her Vogue 73 Questions parody, featuring one of her recurring characters, Jet Packinski. The video itself has 18 million views. Koshy has landed many deals with several brands like Nike and Beats, where Jet is featured in the commercial. She even landed an actual 73 Questions video with Vogue, making her the first web star to be interviewed.

2. David Dobrik

Though starting his YouTube channel in December of 2014, David Dobrik has amassed around 5.5 million subscribers, all while reinventing the vlogging style. Each video, being 4:20 minutes long, is compacted with numerous comedic skits and events that take place within his friend group, commonly known as the “Vlog Squad.” Dobrik uploads every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and each video garners well over a million views. Not only has his YouTube career been highly successful up to this point, but his additional merch and items that are being sold are extremely popular. Not to mention he is also dating Liza Koshy, making them an ultimate duo.

3. Cody Ko

Also making his start on Vine, Cody is truly an underrated YouTuber as he has over 550,000 subscribers. His videos showcase his pure sarcasm as he critiques different aspects of society, while also making other videos with his friends. He has also made the transition to vlogging on a second channel. Not only does he have those going for him, but he also runs two successful podcasts on the side. In addition, he makes satirical songs with his friend and fellow YouTuber Noel Miller. With his several different avenues, you are guaranteed to find something that you like.

4. Sarah Baska

While she has over 1.2 million subscribers, Sarah Baska is another underrated creator. Her channel is raw, honest and completely her. She shares a lot of stories from her life, while also knowing how to be comedic and sarcastic about them. She does several different types of videos from challenges to reactions, as well as videos of characters she has invented herself along with her friend Ashlynn. She has the same humor she had while also on Vine.

5. Nathan Zed

Also known by his Vine name, TheThirdPew, Nathan is not only a successful YouTuber and trendsetter, but he is a fellow Hokie! Nathan’s channel has over 460,000 subscribers, with his most popular video being a critique on Nash Grier’s “What Guys Look for in Girls” video back in 2014. Nathan’s videos consist of him responding to certain issues in society with a mix of humor as well. During this summer, Nathan Zed launched his official merchandise with the infamous Good Enough shirt that has spread all over social media, highlighting the idea that one is good enough. The merch was highly successful as even several celebrities got their hands on them such as Yara Shahidi, Kehlani and Khalid. Nathan is an underrated star that is easily lovable and able to brighten your mood.

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