5 Women of Color Who Inspire Me Daily

Women of color have been underrepresented and underestimated for too long. We are constantly having to work harder to prove our capabilities and to have a seat at the table. Despite all of these obstacles, women of color have always gone above and beyond. Because of their hard work and tireless efforts to achieve great things, here are some women who have inspired me, as well as many others, to discover more about myself. 


1. Naomi Campbell is something I would like to call the “Model Queen of Comebacks”. Filled with sass and charisma, Naomi Campbell has worked her way up the fashion chain to becoming one of the first famously noted supermodels of the nineties despite facing backlash for her skin tone.  After being discovered at just 14, she moved to Paris. When she was 18 she became the first-ever black woman on the cover of French Vogue.  As her career has taken off she has worked with several designers like Versace and Chanel, been a judge on The Face, and has made several guest appearances to add to her resume.


2. One of the bravest girls in the world, Malala Yousafzai is who I think of when I think of the perfect activist. In Pakistan is it illegal for girls to become educated, but Yousafzai spoke out and stood up against this horrid ban. She quickly gained global attention when she survived an assassination attempt, and she later went on to win a Nobel Peace Prize for children’s rights. Yousafzai has the courage I wish that I had. She inspired me to be unapologetic in my opinions and to speak out for what I believe in, even if others do not support me.


3. Elaine Welteroth is my love and one of my personal role models. She made history when she became the first-ever African American editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue. Under her supervision, Teen Vogue has become more socially and politically relevant with articles ranging from “How to Understand Your Own Sexuality” to speaking on issues about gun violence. Since she has left Teen Vogue, Welteroth is now writing her autobiography and is a judge on Project Runway.


4. Gina Rodriguez is the queen of my favorite American telenovela Jane the Virgin (which the final season aired last night and I was not ready for the drama). Rodriguez is a strong and outspoken advocate about diversity in media and Hollywood. Along with racial diversity, she speaks on other beauty expectations including weight. When she was only a teenager she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she mentioned how sometimes she compares herself to women in magazines and in the media and said, “I had to look at myself and overcome the idea that I was limited by what God gave me." As her career progresses I can only see her activism expanding too



5. Last but definitely not least is Teranesha Dickens, my mom. My mother is one of the reasons why I am the person today. She served in the US military for over 20 years, is a fashion icon for me and her peers and does not settle for anything less than he deserves. She taught me how to be bold, independent and how to be 100% unapologetic. I am so lucky to have her as my mother and inspiration.



Overall, I am constantly being amazed at what these women do every day. These are some of the women who I always look back to when I need encouragement, optimism or confidence. Through their battle with adversity and backlash, they were always able to prevail.  So I ask you to look at the women of color in your life and stand by and uplift them, just as they do for you.

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