5 Valentines Gifts that Won't Break the Bank

Valentine’s day is a holiday that is all about showing love and appreciation to those in your life. Couples everywhere want to make sure they go all out for their significant other to make sure they know they are love. As a result, this can cause a steep hole in our pockets. However, running low on cash does not mean you can’t give your significant other the Valentine’s day they deserve! It’s not about the money, it’s about the effort you put into making the day special. So, here are 5 Valentine’s day date ideas that are guaranteed to not break the bank.


1.     Jar of Handwritten Notes

Tell your significant other exactly how you feel about them by giving them a jar of handwritten note. Each note can explain the different reasons you love them. You could also decorate the jar with pictures of your favorite memories together to add more sentimental value. This is a gift idea that is guaranteed to make your special someone smile.


2.     A scrapbook of memories

The old saying that pictures speak a thousand words is true. Pictures have the ability to say more than words ever could. Gifting your special someone with a scrapbook filled with pictures of your adventures with each other is an excellent way to show them how much they mean to you. Every time your significant other goes to open it, they will instantly be overwhelmed with visuals of your best moments together.


3.     Personalized gift baskets

No store knows your significant other better than you do! That is why a personalized gift basket stocked with things your special person loves would be a great gift for Valentine’s day. It shows that you took the time to get to know the little details about them. A personalized gift basket also makes for a tremendous inexpensive present by allowing you to fill it with things you can afford.


4.     Pamper your SO

Nothing says I love you like serving as your significant others personal servant for a day! If you don’t usually do the cooking, cook dinner on Valentine’s day. It will take a load of stress off of your significant other and will show them that you have appreciation for the things they do for you.


5.     Customized playlist

A mix of your significant others favorite songs can be easily and inexpensively made with just one click of a button. iTunes makes it simple to gather a list of your special one’s favorite songs and put them together to make the perfect, heartfelt gift. You could even take it to the next level by choosing songs that played an important role in your relationship.


So with all of that said, cheers to Valentine’s Day! Take some time and unwind with your significant other and reminisce on all of the amazing memories you guys have made together. Yes, I just provided you with five inexpensive gifts to give to you SO on this V-day, but don’t get too wrapped up in the gifts! This day is about love! Happy Valentine’s day everyone!




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