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5 Tips to Have the Ultimate Tailgate from Home

Although some cities have started to open businesses, host events, and attempt to establish a new normal, the coronavirus is still very much a threat and not yet a thing of the past. Unfortunately, many college students are beginning to face the harsh reality of most classes being online, sports seasons being canceled, and on-campus students being sent home. Thankfully, there are still a number of schools who are attempting to carry on traditions in a safe way, and for Virginia Tech, that means that football will still take place this fall. While the capacity of Lane Stadium has been drastically decreased and tailgating has been banned from campus parking lots and downtown, there are still many ways to cheer on our fellow Hokies to victory. Here are 5 tips to have a tailgate from home that is just as safe as it is fun.

Get Creative

Take advantage of not having to wait in long lines for food at halftime and set up a real spread. While typical snack foods like pretzels and chips are essential, being at home allows you to get creative. Fire up the grill, and have a cookout. Order a spread of your favorite take-out food. Organize a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite tailgating food. The opportunities are endless.

Suit Up

Looking around the stands of 60,000 other fans in maroon and orange provides a feeling of connection and excitement. Some of the wildest outfits ever seen can be spotted at a football game like the t-shirts, face paint, jerseys, and beyond. Although you aren’t at the stadium, dressing like you are can help recreate that indescribable feeling and immerse you in the game.

Plan Ahead

If you are hosting people at your apartment to watch the game, planning ahead is key. Making sure there are enough food and drinks is important; however, nothing ruins the experience faster than not being able to watch the game properly. Make sure that there is enough seating around the TV, so that people don't have to keep leaning or tilting their head to get an unobstructed view.

Consider Rescheduling

Watching from home also means that you are not held to the traditional schedule. By recording the game for later, you have the option of watching the game when it is more convenient. Maybe it’s an afternoon game you would rather watch at night, you need more time to prepare, or it simply works better for everyone’s schedules. However, be careful of spoilers when on social media or viewing the news, as you never know who might have posted the outcome of the game.

Stay Safe

Currently, Virginia Tech’s coronavirus guidelines prohibit indoor gatherings larger than 15 people, so make sure to adhere to that limit when considering who to invite. Additionally, make sure everyone wears masks aside from when eating, and ask that anyone who currently suspects they have coronavirus or has tested positive within the last 14 days not attend. All of Virginia Tech’s information and guidelines regarding the coronavirus can be found here.

Loralee Hoffer

Virginia Tech '23

Loralee Hoffer is a senior at Virginia Tech majoring in Psychology with minors in Creative Writing and Adaptive Brain and Behavior. Through her writing, she enjoys sharing her experiences with health and wellness, relationships, body positivity, and campus life. Proud to be a part of the Her Campus team, she hopes to empower women and gain valuable experience, education, and friends along the way.
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