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5 Things You Should Do to Prepare for the End of the Semester

Even though November just started, the end of the semester and finals will be here before you know it. Instead of letting it creep up on you, start preparing early to save yourself from too much stress.

Find out when your exams are and make a study schedule

Make sure to know when your exams are so you know how much time is between them. You do not want to wait until the last minute and realize you have exams back-to-back and insufficient time to study.

Check your current grades

It really is true that time flies in college. It is now time to start picking up those grades that you were not worried about until the end of the semester. Make sure you know what your grades are so that you can bring them up if necessary!

Get help

If your grades are not where you want them to be, get help. Go to office hours or find a friend to help you. It is not too late.

Make a Study Playlist

Having the perfect study playlist is crucial. Even if you can not focus while listening to music, make a playlist for when you take your much needed study breaks. You will be glad you did when you are in the middle of a study session and the person next to you pops open a bag of chips.

Plan a fun weekend

The end of the semester can become stressful with final projects and exams piling high. Plan way to unwind before crunch time rolls around. A weekend hike or trip to a nearby town would be a fun way to do this.

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