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Some aren’t into the Halloween movie craze, but for those who are— there are many options for your viewing pleasure ranging from mildly spooky to supremely terrifying. Whether you want an old classic with a bit of humor, or all-out frightening, here are some classic Halloween movies to watch this weekend! 

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus happens to be my all-time favorite Halloween movie as it perfectly captures the spirit and nature of the holiday. The story follows 3 witches, the Sanderson sisters, who are accidentally brought back to life by the main protagonist Max, and are now terrorizing the children of the town. Not only does the movie contain a catchy soundtrack, but it also has several moments of humor, sure to make this Walt Disney classic enjoyable for all ages.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

While this movie combines both the festivities of Halloween and Christmas, it is yet again another classic made by Disney. Made with stop-motion animation, the film recounts the story of Jack Skellington as he tries to take over Christmas, incorporating Halloween elements into the joyous holiday. This a great movie beloved by many over the years.

The Haunted Mansion

This one brings back childhood memories for me as I watched this when I was young. Haunted Mansion which stars Eddie Murphy, is a fun family-friendly Halloween movie that incorporates some scary Halloween elements. It tells the story of a family of four as they explore and stay at a mansion which is run by two men with hidden agendas. The movie contains many classic aspects of Halloween all while managing to keep in the humor.

The Conjuring (Series)

If you’re looking for something on the much scarier side of the spectrum, then this is the perfect movie. This film chronicles the real-life events investigated by experts Ed and Lorraine Warren. In this particular case, a family of seven is experiencing odd paranormal activity in their home. Though it has nothing to truly do with Halloween, it will The Conjuring keep you on the edge of your seat in suspense and anxiousness, and it combines enough jump scares and scary elements to truly leave a lasting impression. If you want more, the series continues with The Conjuring 2, where Ed and Lorraine help a girl possessed by a spirit within her own home.

Insidious (Series)

Being another option for a horror movie, Insidious offers the audience several moments of sheer suspense and anxiety at awaiting what’s next to come. The movie follows a family of five as they move into their new home. The oldest son Dalton suddenly falls into a coma meanwhile strange things keep happening in the house, mainly haunting the parents. Though not as intense as the Conjuring, Insidious has its fair share of jump scares and thriller scenes. While it is not directly related to Halloween, the movie provides enough scare to feel like it.

These Halloween movies provide the full spectrum of scare. Regardless of whether you want a mild delight or full-on fright, be sure to include your friends and family in all the festivities. 

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