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The 5 Must-Read Books For Summer

Classes are winding down, and the dreaded finals are quickly approaching.  Nevertheless, this also means glorious summer is also knocking at your door. Whether you’ll be doing a internship, working, or taking classes (my condolences), you will encounter the unfamiliar concept of ‘free time’.  How you choose to spend it is entirely up to you, but I have a suggestion that you have probably haven’t given much thought to: reading.
Now, I get it, as you cram those final ten textbook chapters into your brain Summer reading is probably the last thing you’d want to do. But did you know that reading a good novel can actually be pleasurable? No, really, it’s true. Now pick your jaw off the floor and check out these five summer must-reads that are sure to keep your mind sharp and entertained.
“One Day” by David Nicholls
Set in Britain, Dexter and Emma meet each other on the night of their college graduation. Both are headed in completely different directions—Dexter is a spoiled rich player who sees the world as his play ground, while Emma is a stubborn hippy-esque woman who is determined to change the world in anyway she can. The novel visits their lives on July 15 in successive years in each chapter. Brilliantly written, it will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that will make you laugh and weep. “One day” is definitely worth the ride, and it brings exceptional insight about post-grad love, life and expectations.
For fans of: “The Notebook”
Be sure to check out the film adaptation starring Jim Sturgess & Anne Hathaway due out July 8.
“Grounded” by Seth Stevenson
This book is a first person account by Seth Stevenson who sets out with his girlfriend Rebecca to circumnavigate the world without using any air transportation what so ever. The book follows the two as they embark on a journey that includes everything from ferries to train to rickshaws.  Bringing you along the journey with hilarious anecdotes and fascinating insight to countless cultures, Stevenson will also inspire you to take a different approach to viewing our modern world.
For fans of: “Eat Pray Love” and “Under The Tuscan Sun”
“Tim Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work” by Tim Gunn
You’ve watched him for years as our favorite mentor on Project Runway, and have religiously tuned in to the glamorous Tim Gunn for every red carpet event. The epitome of style and poise, Tim can now serve as your personal guide to ‘making it work in every aspect of life. From fashion to relationships, Tim’s 18 principles will encompass pretty much everything you need to know to ‘lead a well-mannered life of integrity and character.’
For fans of: “Debrett’s Etiquette” and “Modern Manners”
“In their Shoes” By Deborah Reber
As a young college student you are undoubtedly anxiety-ridden about your career path. We constantly wonder about which profession we should pursue, how we go about getting there and what it will be like when we finally get there. “In Her Shoes” is the answer to your prayers! The book is a compilation of information, advice and inspiration on over 200 real jobs held by real women. Answering a wide range of questions from education, to daily career life, to what you will wear, “In Her Shoes” is a must-read for every collegiette.
For fans of: um…just order it right now!
“Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen
Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have been suffering from hearing loss since Christina’s Superbowl performance, you have heard about “Water for Elephants.” (Let’s face it, Robert Pattinson’s face could sell even anchovies paste.) The movie has gotten sufficient praise, but it’s the novel that it’s based on that deserves all the credit. “Water for Elephants” chronicles the life of Jacob, a college dropout who joins the circus and falls in love with a performer’s wife.  Incorporating tragedy, romance, eccentricity and of course, elephants, the novel is a guaranteed page-turner.

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