5 Lip Glosses That Will Change Your Life

As much as I love a matte lip, glossy lips will forever and always have my heart. They are so quick and easy to throw on, and can really put together your look even if you aren’t wearing that much makeup.

Now, I’m a makeup junkie so I have either owned or tried all of these amazing glosses at one time or another in my life, and let me just say, they are all pretty damn amazing. There are both drugstore and high end lippies on this list, which happened because the drugstore has a pretty great lip gloss selection, not because I was sitting at my computer trying super super hard to think of drugstore glosses to add.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

This truly lives up to the description of a “universal rose nude shade.” It looks amazing on all skin tones, and is nothing short of perfection. It’s hydrating, not sticky, and although a high end lip gloss, costs a lot less than other glosses you would find at Sephora.

NYX Butter Gloss

For just around five dollars, the NYX Butter Glosses are a steal for the price. With over 30 shades to choose from, and a formula that is truly as smooth and as shiny as butter (in the best way possible), these are such a great option for someone looking to add a few glosses to their collection without breaking the bank.

Glossier Lip Gloss

This lip gloss is truly the nostalgic, clear gloss that your nine year old self loves and remembers. It pairs perfectly with any look on it’s own, or layered over another lip color. Also, it lasts forever without feeling too sticky and gluey. Glitter-free with a glass like finish, this gloss is a must-have for everyone.

Buxom Full On Lip Polish

For those of you who are looking for a plumping lip gloss, Buxom truly does it best. And the best part, there are not 20, not 50, but 100 shades to choose from! The gloss is  described as, “the best selling gloss from the lip plumping authority in a tingly shimmer-sheer finish,” and although it’s a little more expensive than the other options at $20, it’s labeled “best selling” for a reason.

Smith’s Lip Balm

Although technically this is a lip balm, the product itself shows up super glossy and shiny as if it was a lip gloss. If you tend to have more dry, chapped lips but still want the look of a lip gloss, I would definitely try this stuff out! It is extremely smooth and hydrating and leaves such a healthy looking sheen on the lips. There are also lots of different scents and flavors to choose from, my personal favorite being the original rose scented balm.