5 Halloween Recipes Your Friends Will Love

Halloween is almost here! Whether you are having friends over to carve pumpkins, spending the night watching Halloween movies, or attending a costume party, your friends will be hungry. These recipes are sure to please your friends and make you the star of the party!


  1. Ghost S’mores

This s’mores dip is the quickest and easiest treat to add to any Halloween party, and your friends will love you for it. All it takes are some ghost shaped marshmallows layered on top of chocolate. I recommend Hershey’s milk chocolate rather than semi-sweet chocolate chips because then you do not need heavy cream to help the chocolate melt.


2. Cinnamon Roll Pumpkins


These cinnamon rolls are super easy and the best way to wake up your roommates on Halloween morning. They could even be a cozy Halloween movie marathon snack. All it takes is your normal can of cinnamon rolls and a little food coloring!


3. Mummy Pizzas


What can’t you make with a crescent roll? Apparently in barely any time at all, you can make mummy pizzas! The recipe requires nothing more than crescent rolls, pizza sauce, cheese, and olive or mini pepperoni slices.


4. Jack-O-Lantern Burgers

These burgers are adorable and the perfect Halloween dinner! There is always that friend who wants to take charge of the grill, so why not give them a special creative outlet for Halloween?


5. Chocolate Spider Trifle

If you are looking to really wow everyone, this chocolate spider trifle will have all of your friends impressed and thanking you for weeks. It includes chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate mousse, and whipped cream. If you are looking for a shortcut, maybe substitute store bought brownie bites for the homemade chocolate cake cubes.

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