5 Fun DIY Valentine's Day Crafts

1. Conversation Heart Pillows

This craft requires some sewing skills and an iron, but they are so cute and can double as take-home gifts for your guests if you have a Galentine's day party. You could go for the original conversation heart phrases or spice things up and use inside jokes or memes to make them funnier and relevant for year-round use.



2. Valentine’s Trail Sign

This is probably one of the cutest crafts that you can use for the entire month of February as well as the rest of the year if it suits your aesthetic. All you need is some pallet wood slats, a saw, a sander, and some pink paint and creativity. Each slat must have a pointed end to be used as an arrow and each location can either be a meaningful place to you or a cutesy made-up one.



3. Heart Candle Holder/Vase

This is one of the simplest DIY projects that’s quick and looks amazing. Using any old glass jar, cover it with a single layer of white tissue paper and mod podge. Cut out hearts from red, pink, and purple tissue paper sheets and place them on top, sealing them on with more mod podge. These can either be used with small candles, tea lights, or with a fresh bouquet of roses. They will be a hit with anyone who sees them since they are so cute and festive!



4. Flower Heart Wall Art

This is a craft that can be personalized to fit your own personal style and decoration needs. Pre-made silk flowers and a heart template make it very easy to create a heart with varying flower sizes and shades. This can be done on a canvas or a piece of wood that is painted or covered in a patterned piece of paper. A larger canvas or wood base could be used with larger flowers like hydrangeas, and smaller canvases would be better suited for roses, tulips, and other small flowers.



5. Yarn Heart Garland

These hearts are the easiest craft to make. They only require cardboard, yarn, and a little bit of patience. Once each heart is made, then you can either use a pre-made garland or one that you DIY yourself to go with the hearts. This can be hung up anywhere, and the hearts can be removed and used as individual decorations if the garland doesn't match the look you're going for.



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