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The holiday season can be stressful with so many things to get done and gifts to buy. Gift-giving can be very hard, especially when it comes to getting gifts for people who already have everything or are hard to shop for. To make gifting this season easier, here are five gifts that are foolproof and people are guaranteed to love.

Hydro flask

Everyone should drink water and a Hydro Flask is a great gift to either give someone who loves drinking water or someone who should start drinking their daily H2O. There are so many colors to choose from and you can even get accessories such as different types of lids.

Knife Set

I know this sounds like a very random gift to give, but people use knives in the kitchen all the time. If you are like me, you also use them to open packages. Having a good set of knives in the kitchen to cut tape or a steak is necessary. It is something that would get used all the time and everyone loves a practical gift.


There’s absolutely nothing better than having a nice and fluffy blanket to cuddle up with on a cold day and watch movies. Blankets are such great gifts for anyone. They are also something that you can never have too many of; you can have them in your bedroom, the living room and even in your car. You can also get a custom blanket with pictures if you really want to personalize it.


Much like blankets, you can never have too many candles and they can be put in so many different places in a house. Some people tend to be a bit picky when it comes to candle scents due to allergies or it just being too strong, so I recommend buying a candle with a clean or fresh scent. You could also buy a cute lighter to pair with the candle. Amazon and Etsy have tons to choose from.


If anyone in your family is anything like my dad, then they have been using a wallet that is older than you. It’s not that they don’t want a new wallet, it’s just they are too stubborn to buy a new one. A good wallet can be bought from anywhere and is used every single day to hold onto cash, cards, IDs and so much more which makes it a perfect gift to give. You also know it will be used for a very long time much like their previous wallet.

Sometimes it can be harder to pick out gifts for someone that you know very well then for someone you hardly know. Resorting back to simple gifts such as a blanket or candle can make the perfect gift for anyone and will be used with love all the time.

Sheridan Mercer

Virginia Tech '22

A senior studying childhood pre-education with minors in psychology and disability Studies. I enjoy taking care of plants, listening to music, watching funny TikToks, journaling and cuddling with my cat.  
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