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5 Different Outfit Ideas For St. Patrick’s Day

When someone mentions March, a lot of people immediately think of March Madness. However, I’m somewhat of a different breed because I jump straight to St. Patrick’s Day. Blame it on my Irish heritage, or the fact my mom has gone all out for every holiday since I was a kid — either way, I can’t help but love clovers, the color green and any and all things considered lucky during March.

Some people reading this may be like me in that regard, while others may have never celebrated the holiday before. Whichever side of the spectrum you fall under, here are some ways to incorporate green into your wardrobe this March 17!

1. Subtle accessories

Any type of small accessory or single statement item will work — as long as it’s green! Scarves, fake tattoos, hair ties, bracelets, necklaces, even clover earrings; I guarantee you can find something small and green even during a last minute shopping trip.

I suggest going to the Walmart or Target in Christiansburg to find green necklaces or bracelets to wear. They’re cheap and will help you incorporate green into your outfit in a very subtle way if green totally isn’t your thing!

2. Cheesy St. Patrick’s Day shirts

We’ve definitely all seen them, and I definitely own a few of them. Walmart and Target, again, are wonderful places to find a great selection of these! They range from leprechauns jumping out of pots of gold to the traditional “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirts — so a little something for everyone. I even bought one this year that came with a giant green bow-tie, talk about putting the emphasis on cheesy.

These shirts can be worn with jeans, leggings or if you buy them big enough you can wear them with spandex and cute St. Paddy’s Day themed socks. I’ve found crew socks at Spencer’s and Walmart and knee-highs at Target in the past.

3. Green jerseys

A true classic whether it’s homemade jerseys, a store bought St. Paddy’s specific one or even the infamous Celtics jerseys you’ve probably already seen a dozen times this weekend. Jerseys are great to wear when going out this weekend because they’re so versatile.

You can dress them down by wearing them with leggings and converse or dress them up by wearing spandex and knee-high boots.

4. Cute green dresses/skirts

If you’re planning on hitting downtown this weekend you’ll likely see tons of girls decked in adorable green dresses or green tops with mini denim or corduroy skirts. You can find green dresses and tops at pretty much any place you typically shop. My favorites have come from places like American Eagle, Charlotte Russe and Old Navy.

From simple T-shirt dresses and flowy tops to more fitted options, as long as it’s green — it works for this weekend!

5. Homemade shirts/outfits

I’ve always been envious of the people that can create their own adorable shirts to wear for gamedays and holidays. If you’re like me and do not trust yourself with bleach and a pair of scissors, head on over to fellow Hokie Victoria Arczynski’s website or Instagram to buy an acid-dyed St. Paddy’s shirt!

I actually discovered her awesome shirts through the Virginia Tech Free & For Sale Facebook page during football season. Her St. Patrick’s Day shirts are only $18 and once you purchase one from her, you can also cut it to create whatever style shirt you’re going for. Whether that be a crop top, tank top, tied shirt or the popular triangle cut-out — she takes care of the hardest part for you and will ensure you look adorable and fashionable at any event you attend this weekend!

St. Patrick’s Day weekend is a great time to embrace your love of the color green and try out some of your fashion design skills. Be sure to have a safe and fun weekend, but most of all — be sure to avoid getting pinched!

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