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5 Cheap Dates to Go on With Your SO in the Fall

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of them all with leaves changing and the pumpkin spice lattes making a reappearance. Fall is filled with romantic activities you and your significant other (SO) can do together!

1. Cuddle up & watch a new movie

Nothing to do on a chilly Friday night? Grab the fluffiest blanket, hot chocolate and your SO and watch a movie neither of you have seen before. You’ll be cuddled up for hours while also saving some money for your wallet. Make sure to pick a scarier movie if you want to get extra close!

2. Go to a pumpkin patch

Pumpkin patches are mostly free to get into but you will have to spend a little bit of money on the pumpkin. Make sure to get one you both love and want to decorate together. Who doesn’t love a cute pumpkin carving picture on Instagram?

3. Go on a one-day road trip

Roll down the windows and turn the music up for a one-day road trip together! Pick a destination that is interesting to you both and have fun singing along to your favorite songs together. These are the memories you will make together and never forget.

4. Hike a scenic area

Hiking is always a fun activity together. You can encourage and help each other make it to the top of the mountain and gaze in the beauty of fall in nature! Pack a lunch and celebrate the climb you accomplished together.

5. Visit your local farmers market

Head to the nearest farmers market on a Saturday and grab some fresh fruits and veggies! You can go home afterwards and cook something together for dinner. Food always seems to taste a little better when you make it with someone you love!

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