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18 DIY Halloween Costumes

The biggest Halloweekend challenge for a college girl is finding an extremely flattering, but unique costume. Thought is definitely required but a lot of work or money does not have to be. Here are some easy DIY costumes that are sure to turn heads, while staying original.

These costume ideas could be rocked in so many different ways, that if put your own personal wardrobe spin on an idea, you will not have to worry about another girl walking into the party wearing the exact same outfit.

1. Ice Cream Cone

This costume is so cute and can be worn in so many ways. The headbands with cherries on top finish off the outfit!

2. Mermaid

The mermaid costume requires a blue sparkly or sequined skirt, and a cute top! The overachiever could find cheap shells at Michael’s to hot glue onto a top.


This costume is unique and sets you apart from the costumes that were obviously thrown together in a few minutes. It is actually surprisingly easy to make, check out the instructions here.

4. Gold Digger


This costume can be worn in so many ways, just pull out your hottest gold pieces and buy a mini plastic shovel!

5. Flower

Check out the Dollar Tree for all of your fake flower needs! These can be hot glued onto a headband, crown, or top. This is a simple and beautiful costume that is completely your own with your flower choices.

6. Fireman

Pair your favorite red, yellow, or black dress with a cheap fireman’s hat and you have a hot look! This hat can currently be found for under $2 at Walmart, and the dress on sale at H&M for $5!

7. The Cheetah Girls


Cheetah print is so easy to find and makes an obvious and hilarious girl group costume. It also gives you an excuse to watch The Cheetah Girls with your best friends! The tight top is on sale for only $3 at H&M right now.

8. Scarecrow


This costume is ideal if you are looking to have fun with your makeup! It just takes some denim overalls and a flannel, both probably already in your closet.

9. Unicorn


This costume is unique but super cute and easy. This is the ideal costume if you are looking to wear a tutu, and can be achieved with a variety of dress colors. The unicorn horn is easy to make or buy online!

10. Merida from Brave

If you have red hair or are looking to dye it for Halloween, this is the look for you. Merida is a hilarious and strong princess, and this costume allows the curly-haired girls to embrace whatever state their hair is in. You can find instructions to DIY a super easy bow here.

11. Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter represents the strong female, and is hands down one of the easiest but most inspiring costumes. Denim shirts are in–so pick one out, roll up your sleeves, and add a red bandana.

12. Sailors

You know you own at least one item of navy, white, or pinstripe clothing. Add a sailor hat bought online for cheap or easily DIYed, and you have a preppy but trendy look.

13. The Bachelor Contestants

Throw on a cocktail dress, buy a bouquet of roses for your group of friends, and maybe give your makeup the “just cried a lot” look, making it obvious you are all contestants from ABC’s The Bachelor. Everyone looks good when you are this dressed up, and this group costume yields opportunity for a hilarious SnapChat story saga throughout the night.

14. Atomic Elements

This is the perfect group costume if you are looking to let everyone know you are pretty and smart! The element symbols could be written on a sign taped onto your dress or bikini, rather than painted on.  

15. Jailbirds

Hang a mugshot sign around your neck, and wear whatever black or striped clothing you have in your closet!

16. Hershey Kisses

This look is really cute and shows you put some work into what you are wearing. This can be pulled together with some chic silver clothing, and an easily DIYed hat!

17. Cheerleader

Take advantage of the cheer skirts while they are in! You probably want one to wear to football games anyway, so here is another reason to buy one! Pom-poms are easy to buy and a blast to dance with all night.

18.The Olsen Twins

This is an adorable best friend outfit that is easily pulled off with denim overalls and matching t-shirts. Buy matching t-shirts at Michael’s, and add the scrunchy to make the costume obvious!

All of these costumes can be unique to your wardrobe and your friend group, so you do not have to worry about running into another girl wearing the exact same store bought costume. Enjoy shopping for your costume pieces around town with your friends, and have everyone over to watch Halloween movies while you DIY your outfits! Halloween is the perfect holiday where you can get away with whatever outfit and makeup you want, so go all out!

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