11 Themed Parties to Throw This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to kick back with friends and celebrate after working so hard during finals. Give yourself the freedom to blow off some steam and enjoy being carefree! Here are some fun party themes to try out this summer!  

1. Paint Slip ‘N Slide

A paint slip ‘n slide is something everyone will want to do. Squirt paint over a tarp or slip ‘n slide, tell everyone to wear old white clothes and slide away! There are so many cute pictures to be taken and getting messy just takes every care in the world away.

2. DIY Mini Golf

I am a huge fan of mini golf, but never considered actually putting together a mini golf course in my own backyard until I saw it done. It is super easy to just drag some branches and rocks wherever you want them, and someone is bound to have a putter at home they can bring.

3. Ice Cream Sundae Party

This is easily one of my favorite kind of parties to throw. Supply the ice cream and have each friend bring a different topping. It ends up being a cheap contribution for everyone to make and you end up with Oreos, Reese’s, hot fudge and peanut butter and honestly just the most extravagant sundae you can imagine.

4. Gourmet Bonfire Dinner

Okay, this is not going to be just any bonfire. I have researched the coolest, easiest and yummiest bonfire recipes for you. Filling waffle cones with chocolate, fruit and candy is one option, but then there is also mac and cheese and the famous sandwiches. Pizza, chili cheese fries and quesadillas are also very noteworthy.

5. Takeout Party Gilmore Girls Style

Gilmore Girls’ Lorelai and Rory have this disgusting but delicious tradition where they order takeout from multiple places and have a large picnic with a weird mix of food options. This is totally something to try with friends over the summer. Why not order pizza, Chinese food, hamburgers, fries and mozzarella sticks? You will never know until you try.

6. Breakfast For Dinner Pancake Party

Most after parties occur at my place and involve me making pancakes for all of my friends. I tend to lack skills in the kitchen, so it does become a group effort. The best pancake party I have ever had was coming back from the Fourth of July firework display, and my friends and I decided to make “gourmet” pancakes for a midnight dinner. We opened the fridge and all the cupboards and pulled out any fruit, butter or chocolate that we thought might taste good in a pancake. Not all of them tasted good, but some were surprisingly amazing. This is definitely perfect for a late summer night when you all need something filling after a day of running around on the beach or hiking.

7. Christmas In July

I do not know how this party theme became a party theme, but I like it. Invite everyone over for a lovely holiday party, and go all out with the attire. Do not forget to supply your favorite holiday food and drinks, and of course you cannot forget the holiday photobooth.

8. Photoshoot

It is time to update everyone’s profile pictures, and although it sounds silly to have an entire party theme dedicated to taking pictures, it ends up being so much fun. I once set up my camera on a tripod facing a field outside my house, and everyone had a blast yelling out input for the girls in front of the camera. Moving around the aesthetically-pleasing locations of my yard we actually ended up taking some awesome pictures of one another, and giving everyone that little mid-summer confidence boost goes a long way. If you set up a tripod somewhere so it can be more of a photo booth, maybe go to Goodwill together or shop around your attic for some photo booth props!

9. Goodwill Party

I love this party theme because you all get to explore Goodwill together. Prep for the party by going out with friends and finding the best outfit you can come up with from Goodwill. The outfits absolutely make the party and gives you the excuse to wear whatever you want to a party. I typically pick something with pockets, so I can bring food.

10. Outdoor Movie

Outdoor movie nights are so underrated and are nowhere near as hard as you think. Seriously just hang a sheet up between some trees using a clothesline, or project the movie onto the side of the house. All you need is a projector, some blankets and a fan picked movie!

11. Pool Party

A pool party is a classic, but there are some cheap ways to spice this classic party up you might not know about. If you do not have a pool, check out a man-made beach or lake that might be within an hour of you — bring friends, and make it a party! Everyone is posting cute pictures on those inflatable swan and flamingo floats, which might not be in your budget. Five Below actually has super cute and very affordable pool floats; check out the Toucan pool float!

Your next summer party is sure to be a hit!

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