10 Ways to Feel Like You’re Still on Spring Break

Over the past week and a half, most of us abandoned the frigid wind tunnel we call Virginia Tech for warmer weather. As we return to school and the bipolar temperatures of Blacksburg, we can only hope things will heat up. Here are 10 ways to convince your mind that while it may be glacial outside, in your head there is #nochill.

1.      Light a tropical candle.

Scrape out your Balsam Fir Scentsy, and toss in a little Hawaiian Sunset or Baha Breeze. I’ve never smelled a sunset, but something tells me it would be awfully nice.

2.      Watch a Hawaiian sunset —online.

Blacksburg sunsets are hard to beat, unless it’s Hawaii. Believe it or not, there are plenty of live webcam websites showing the sun rise and set over the North Shore of Oahu, and they are at least 58% as enjoyable as the real thing. Put on a little Aloha tune, (the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack is a personal favorite), and enjoy from the comfort of your library cell —I mean desk.

3.      Give yourself a hot manicure.

We’ve all had those moments when our freshly bronzed hands just really pop beneath that hot coral or aqua lacquer. Say goodbye to your collection of Miley Cyrus “The Moody Last Song” polish, and spice up your life.

4.      Purchase a fruit-infusing water bottle.

Nothing says I am healthy, warm and thoroughly enjoy light jogs on 65 degree days like fruity water.

5.      “Treat yo-self” with flowers.

Head over to your local grocery store, and buy yourself a colorful bouquet of flowers! You deserve them, and you need a reminder that the snowmageddon didn’t kill every living piece of nature. On the bright side, you won’t be turned down when asking “Hey, will I accept my rose?”

6.      Listen to a hip, surf-style playlist.

These are guaranteed to make you feel like a 23-year-old Cali girl named Roxy who just left her afternoon skate sesh in Santa Monica. 


7.      While listening to your playlist, watch a surf competition online.

When I say online, it’s because they aren’t shown on an actual television network. Join the club of random people who follow the professional surfing circuit and tune in. Some may argue this as a waste of time, but what’s hotter than bronzed, Hawaiian surf gods shredding some gnarly waves and getting totally tubular in perfect, tropical waters?

8.      Make a tropical treat.

Kick out the vegetable soup and try some fruity treats. Nothing says summer like colorful fruit and refreshing popsicles. I may not cook very often, but every mom blog in America could show you how it’s done.

9.      Watch a movie set in warm climates

Fill a bucket with sand, wiggle your toes in it and let your mind travel to far-away lands.  Summer favorites like Blue Crush, Soul Surfer, Aquamarine, or Lilo and Stitch have the power to make you feel warm, hip and from those examples, like you’re15 again. You’ll suddenly feel the urge to slap on your early 2000s cargo shorts, a spaghetti-strapped tank and a Puka shell necklace. Sorry not sorry.

10.   Run on the McComas treadmill; Trust me.

Fun little tip from a girl who runs almost every other month: Chose the McComas treadmills facing the track field house. They have the best views of the baseball team casually arriving to practice, hitting a few homeruns, then sauntering back to their mid-sized sedans and pickup trucks blasting “679” or “This is How We Roll,” as if they know we are watching from above. It’s great motivation to try to wheeze a little less and a nice reminder that spring is in the air.