10 Ways to Enjoy Your Extended Spring Break From Home

Spring break. All of your friends escaped to sunny beaches for a week, and you were stuck at home, scrolling through your congested Instagram feed featuring pictures you weren’t tagged in. FOMO is a real thing, and it can be hard to deal with when it feels like everyone else is having fun without you. 

But no worries: we’ve got an extra week of break that no one planned for, and now we’re all at home, together. 

Don’t let this week go by without some fun and relaxation. Here are five ways you can rejuvenate from the comfort of your couch:

  1. 1. Movie Night 

    Browse Netflix, rent a Redbox movie or check out YouTube for a wide variety of movies! Enjoy as much popcorn as you want and take unlimited bathroom breaks without worrying about inconveniencing others. Would you rather binge watch a mini-series like Hatfields and McCoys? Go ahead - the cinematic world is your oyster.

  2. 2. Try a New Recipe 

    baking ingredients on a table next to a cupcake tray

    Whether you’re an aspiring chef or a master microwaver, this is the perfect time to test your cooking skills! You can try something as simple as mac ‘n cheese in a mug, or raise the stakes and attempt your own sushi rolls. Turn on your favorite playlist and (carefully) dance while you sauté some veggies. Best case scenario, you’ve discovered a passion for cooking; worst case scenario, you have an excuse to order the pizza you secretly wanted anyway.

  3. 3. Spa Day

    Break out the face masks, slice the cucumbers and turn on the humidifier. It’s time to treat your skin for a couple of hours. Recruit a friend for an evening of relaxation and therapeutic conversation, and browse Pinterest for homemade facials you can try together.

  4. 4. Spend Time With Your Family 

    They miss you! Plan a game night with your family, invite your siblings out to dinner or sit on the porch with your parents and listen to their advice. This is the perfect opportunity for you to attend your sister’s soccer game or your brother’s band concert.

  5. 5. Apply for Scholarships

    Minh Pham

    Okay, so this one may not be entirely stress-free, but working on scholarships little by little over the break can keep you from procrastinating. If you have some free time on your hands and you’re feeling antsy, this could be a great way to feel productive.

  6. 6. Spring Cleaning 

    Another excuse to turn on some music and dance around the house! Removing clutter and living in a nice, clean space can be extremely therapeutic. Go through old paperwork, throw out old makeup or reorganize your emails. Maybe you can reward your hard work afterward with a spa day or movie night!

  7. 7. Read a Book 

    When is the last time you read a book for fun? Immerse yourself in someone else’s life for a moment (and not through social media). It’ll give you the chance to escape to a new world, where Coronavirus doesn’t threaten your academics. Don’t like books? Pick up a new video game or binge watch a TV show!

  8. 8. Sleep

    Sleepy girl in bed

    A lot. As much as you want. You’ve been staying up late doing homework and studying for weeks, so treat yourself to some shut-eye in your cozy bed. If you’re willing to splurge, consider investing in a heated blanket, or a weighted one, and make your downtime even more relaxing.

  9. 9. Volunteer 

    A quick fix to feeling bummed out about being home for break is volunteering. There are few things more rewarding than living out Ut Prosim and working at a soup kitchen, donating clothes or spending some time at the animal shelter. Engage with your community in a special way, and you’ll find it is mutually beneficial.

  10. 10. Explore Town 

    Staying in Blacksburg? There is so much to do, from eating at cute diners to seeing a movie, or thrifting and reading a book in Virginia Tech’s Hahn Horticulture Garden. Going to class and studying often keeps us cooped up in the library or at home, but Blacksburg has a lot to offer. Take a walk down Main Street and you’ll be sure to find something that appeals to you.

    Being at home for spring break doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck at home. Don’t take this extra week for granted; enjoy yourself, treat yourself and realize that taking care of your well-being is just as rewarding as walking along the shore.