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10 Unconventional Valentine’s Dates

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, everyone is scrambling to conjure up the most romantic date night with their loved ones. When the flowers and chocolates become cheesy and overused, what is there to do? Here’s a compiled list of 10 unconventional date night Valentine’s Day ideas to do with your partner, or just a group of friends.

1. Find an open mic night and read something to each other

This date has the potential to be exceptionally romantic, if you read an emotional poem or something heartfelt, especially if you have to strike up the nerve to speak in front of other people. It also has the potential to be hilarious or embarrassing depending on the relationship you have with the person.

2. Paint pottery

For those with a creative edge, painting pottery is a perfect date for Valentine’s Day. Not only do you get to take something handmade home with you, but you get to spend quality time with your partner.

3. Trampoline gym

Not only is this a great way to exercise, going to jump on trampolines for a date is unconventionally fun. Most trampoline gyms will give a discount to bigger groups, so get a group of friends together and have a “galentine’s day” date!

4. Animal shelter

Nothing brings two people closer together than holding a cuddly animal. Check out the local animal shelter and ask to sit in with a couple of puppies for a fur-filled Valentine’s Day.

5. Write letters to future self

This is a date that can be done anywhere, and can be a little awkward if you and your partner haven’t been together for long. However, if you are in a long-term relationship, writing letters to your future selves can be romantic and spark some deep conversations.

6. Go hiking

Being in Blacksburg, the availability of hiking trails is pretty convenient. Taking a frosty hike up to the Cascades or to Bald Knob can be a good exercise and a good way for you and your date to get to know each other. Find a trail and take a nature walk.

7. Go out on a different night

If you still are determined to have the romantic dinner date, there’s a few chances for you to avoid the crowd and save a buck. Try going out the day before Valentine’s or the weekend before or after. This way, the food won’t be overpriced and there won’t be a crazy wait.

8. Recreate your first date

Recreating your first date with your partner is a romantic gesture, granted that this Valentine’s Day isn’t your first date. Maybe rent the movie you both went to see first, or go out to the same restaurant you did on the first date you had together.

9. Go to shooting range Because, you know, nothing says romance like shooting at targets. If that doesn’t sound appealing, paintball can also be an unconventional date. If you’re looking for something in this alley but aren’t looking to be bruised, try laser tag!

10. Take a nap

Sometimes, the stressors of Valentine’s Day can only be cured with an awesome nap — the perfect unconventional date. Whether or not you have an official date on the agenda or not, taking a nice nap can clear the head after a long day.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful, it’s only concerning if you make it so. Try something new with your date this year, whether it’s your partner or your girlfriends.

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