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10 Things Anyone Who Has Ever Tried Parking On Campus Understands

If you’ve never had to park on campus, consider yourself lucky. Parking on campus is the WORST. If it isn’t bad enough that you have to pay almost $300 for a parking pass, it gets worse when you can’t even find parking when all you’re trying to do is get to class. Here are 10 things anyone who has ever tried to park on campus understands.

1.     Having to wake up earlier than necessary because you have to leave an hour before class just to secure a parking spot

When you lived on campus, rolling out of bed 15 minutes before your 8 am & making it there on time was totally the norm. Now, there’s no way you’d be able to get a spot in 15 minutes, let alone make it to class.

2.     Getting annoyed when your friend asks you to drop them off at their class so they can avoid the stress of driving around and looking for a spot with you

This is the worst. The best kind of friends are the ones who understand the parking struggle and ride around with you until you find a spot.

3.     That feeling you get when it says that there are open spots on a certain floor in the parking garage

Not having to waste 30 minutes searching for parking means time to stop at Chick-fil-A before class.

4.     But then getting to the floor and seeing that there actually aren’t any spots open

There’s nothing more frustrating than hoping that for once the parking sign will be accurate and then being let down. Again.

5. When you continuously make awkward eye contact with the person you keep on passing that can’t find a spot either  

Making eye contact with a stranger is awkward enough but when you’re both fighting for the same spot it’s even worse.

6. Passing so many empty faculty & staff spots and not being able to find one single commuter spot

No one understands why there are so many spots for faculty and staff spots and NEVER enough for students. Why, just why?!

7. When it’s getting closer and closer to class time and you still haven’t found a spot.

This is when you start to question even going to class and wondering if you can afford losing one day’s worth of iclicker points.

8.     Stalking every person that walks by to see if they’re leaving

In extreme cases, you’ll even ask them if they want a ride to their car just to be sure that you’re that one that takes their spot

9.  When you and another person both spot someone coming off of the elevator but you get to them first

Finding a parking spot is basically it’s own version of the hunger games. Every man for themselves.

10. When you finally find a spot

After a long journey of looking for a spot, finally parking is the best feeling!

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