10 Messages to Put on a Canvas

One of the best ways to dress up your living space and bring a smile to your face everytime you walk into a room is with a painted canvas and a positive message. It is sorority basket season and cozy night in season, so all the more reason to stay in with your friends and paint canvases together. The secret to making a great canvas is paint markers, which allow you to draw with paint the same way you would with a marker. This helps those of us without a steady painter’s hand to draw such small designs and legible writing. Go in with your friends on buying a pack of canvases and some paint markers and start brainstorming some positive messages to put on your walls. Here is some inspiration for quotes to put on your canvases!


This saying reminds you that standing out is a good thing. Flowers are also super easy to paint if you look to Pinterest for some guidance and you can pick whatever color flowers match your living space.


As a huge Gilmore Girls fan, I love this quote. It is also a great piece of inspiration to hang above your desk as a friendly reminder when you are studying.



If you are like me and live by your agenda, this is a great message to have on your wall. Part of the college experience for highly scheduled girls is learning to practice relaxation.


This saying is the perfect reminder that leading in confidence helps other women build confidence. Having the confidence to fall and get back up, or take charge of the room, gives other women the empowerment to do the same. 


This is a great message to keep by your bed so you see it first thing in the morning, giving you the energy you need to start the day. Oftentimes, college girls can struggle falling asleep at night with all the anxieties of the next school day looming on them. This is one of my favorite messages because it reminds me to put away all the stresses and sleep, so that I can achieve my goals in the morning.


This message is valuable for self confidence and the flamingo and peacock add a great visual. The flamingo and the peacock are uniquely and incomparably beautiful, and are fun to paint too.


This is one of Rupi Kaur’s most empowering poems, and is great to go on a canvas painted with mountains. It gives you the push you need to challenge yourself and do meaningful work.


Another outdoorsy picture, this message is a great daily reminder to do what you love. Pairing it with a beach, mountains, or wherever your happy place is, also preserves that happy place forever on your wall.


Ralph Waldo Emerson is a famous poet and his words here are short and sweet, making it the perfect little canvas to set on your desk or coffee table.


This message can easily be painted with any backdrop, but the flowers and leaves look great. This is an awesome way to say you have the power to make the best of everything in your life.

It was not until sophomore year of college that I realized how much fun and relaxing painting is. While it is cold out, definitely invite friends over for a cozy night in and put a movie on while you all paint and catch up!


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