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10 Legitimate Excuses Every Virginia Tech Student Understands

Excuse # 1:

“I couldn’t find parking.”

It is practically a rite of passage as a Hokie to hit the brink of insanity at the inability to find parking. With this, you are definitely going to get the all-knowing, empathetic nods as you explain to your team members why you are late to your meeting… 

Excuse # 2:

“I still couldn’t find parking.”

Come on, this has got to be the most ubiquitous excuse in Blacksburg, Virginia. Fact.

Excuse # 3:

“The lines in Turner were outrageous.”

Patience is a virtue, and if you haven’t figured it out already; Turner is not conducive to large crowds and you must devote a significant amount of time to waiting in line for food. But at the very least, Turner is LEED-certified, so that is a rather justifiable and comforting thought to chew on as you shamelessly walk into class spooning Qdoba into your mouth. 

Excuse # 4:

“I missed my bus.”

Happy to promote public transportation but unhappy when you have to once again slip into your morning class late and winded because you missed the bus you were supposed to catch. 

Excuse # 5:

“I was caught in a monsoon.”

You trusted it. Against better judgment, you trusted your iphone’s weather app, and now you’re paying for it. The streets are flooding and you did not bring an umbrella or appropriate footwear, so you seek immediate cover or soldier on through the rest of your day. But you are bound to experience some delay.

Excuse # 6:

“It took me longer than 15 minutes to walk here.” (Regardless of what the tour guides say)

Yeah, 15 minutes is typically the standard amount of walking time between any two buildings on campus, but for whatever reason — a hard workout, apathy or a subconscious appreciation for strolling around campus, you arrive late to your destination. 

Excuse # 7: 

“I was waiting for my sandwich in ABP.”

Heaven forbid you visit ABP at the wrong time. You know when: the rush of students after classes let out. And that avocado chicken wrap you ordered is absolutely not making it’s way into your eager hands until 45 minutes or more. 

Excuse # 8: 

“I ran out of meal plan money.

When friends want to grab lunch or dinner, you pause to evaluate your spending. The daily lattes at Deets, and luxuries like chocolate-covered almonds and smoothies drained your meal plan money faster than anticipated. Ramen seems like the only realistic option for you right now. 

Excuse # 9:

“I have another meeting at that time.”

Notoriously well-rounded, if you aren’t in four student organizations, keeping good grades and maintaining friendships or a romantic relationship, then you feel like you should be doing something— more. In this busy schedule, you are likely to have some conflicting activities and meetings.

Excuse # 10:

“I will already be tailgating then..” 

Hokies just love their football. It is hard to get much done on a gameday, because tailgating is an entire day festivity. So, you tell it how it is because everyone understands.

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