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10 Dogs Who Are More Excited for Christmas Than You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Virginia Tech chapter.

Christmas is in sight, and spirits are high. Nothing sounds better than going home to cuddle up by the fire with some hot chocolate, a Christmas movie and your dog of course. Here are ten adorable pups who might be even more excited for Christmas than you are.


This little guy is in his sleigh and en route to deliver presents already! If there is one thing we are sure of, it’s that this adorable pup deserves an award for his diligence to deliver. What a giving heart.


These good boys know Santa is coming and are struggling to stay awake waiting to catch him coming down the chimney! Did they munch on the sugar cookies that were supposed to be awaiting Santa Claus, probably. Do we mind? Not at all.


These golden puppies are already preparing to make some little girls cry tears of joy Christmas morning when “opening” their adorable presents. Look at their little bows. Their pouty mouths. Come here please. All we want for Christmas is a puppy (or two).


Ready for a sleigh ride? These three labs are! Jingle all the way into our hearts and laps, sweet ones.


French bulldogs really know how to embrace the Christmas aesthetic! Thankful for the Rudolph nose to really round out this holiday look.


This pup insists on matching his baby brother during naptime! All tucked in and dreaming of sugar plum fairies or maybe just eating some scraps during Christmas dinner.


Greyhounds might get cold ears in the winter but these two make very convincing reindeer in their knit reindeer hats!


This little guy has his bed all decorated for Christmas! Santa hurry.


These goldens are already in their matching Christmas morning jammies!


Golden puppies just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Fingers crossed we are on the Nice list, so we can get one of these puppies for Christmas.

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