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Women’s History Month at Villanova

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Villanova chapter.

In recent conversations with friends, I have been disappointed to discover that many people do not know March is Women’s History Month. In fact, one male friend believed women’s history month did not actually exist, but that I made it up. Although Women’s History Month is a nationally recognized celebration of the historically overlooked contributions of women, in my opinion, not enough is done to celebrate it among college students. To remedy this lack of recognition, here are a few ways you can get involved at Villanova to celebrate this month! 

  1. Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women’s Leadership 

As the official organization for women’s leadership on campus, the McNulty Institute strives to create gender equity on campus and beyond by providing conversation and community. Their four pillars are leadership development, networking and enabling connections, research and scholarship, and awareness and advocacy. Anyone can apply to be an ambassador, and the organization frequently sponsors events open to the public, such as the upcoming Matthew J. Ryan Forum on Title IX, which will be hosted on March 29th at the Charles Widger School of Law.  

  1. Sexual Assault Prevention & Awareness (SAPA) 

SAPA is a newly formed organization that aims to raise awareness for sexual assault occurrences and victims on campus. While the Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator (SARC) team, a group of staff and faculty members trained in supporting sexual violence survivors at Villanova, has existed on campus for many years, SAPA adapts this mission to give students more of an opportunity to be involved in awareness of sexual violence on campus.  

  1. The Space 

The Space is a new organization centered on reproductive justice. They often host events on sex education, including bringing in guest lecturers such as sexuality educator Dr. Mark Levand. The Space also frequently collaborates with other clubs on campus, most recently hosting a joint bake sale with SAPA to raise money for Women’s History Month.  

  1. She’s the First (STF) 

She’s the First Villanova is a chapter of a national organization that works to spread knowledge about issues affecting women and girls across the world. Their mission is to ensure every girl who wants an education is able to attain a degree, which they heavily rely on donations for. At Villanova, She’s the First often hosts events such as yoga classes, conversations on current issues such as girls’ education in Afghanistan, and fundraisers such as bake sales and lemonade stands. 

In addition to these broader women’s rights organizations on campus, many majors have major-specific clubs for women’s leadership as well. As March comes to a close, we as Villanova students have a responsibility to celebrate Women’s History Month by supporting women on campus today and every day.  

Catherine is currently a junior at Villanova University pursuing a BA in English and Gender and Women's Studies, with hopes to work in editing. When she's not reading or writing, you can find her attending dance classes, watching Gilmore Girls, or sipping on some tea.