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Spring Break: Expectations vs. Reality

While during midterms we were super anxious and excited for break to begin, spring break sometimes isn’t always what it is talked up to be. Whether you’re currently on a tropical getaway or staying holed up in your bed watching Netflix, you’ll be able to relate to the disappointments that accompany spring break.

What you expect to happen: You’ll come back from school a bronze goddess and everyone will ask where you went. 

What really happens: You come back to school looking like a lobster and feeling like your skin is on fire. 

What you expect to happen: You’ll get to your tropical destination with a toned bikini body that everyone will look at with envy. 

What really happens: Yeah…nope. You immediately regret all those late-night pizza orders and those afternoons when you laid in bed instead of going to the gym. 

What you expect to happen: You’ll meet the man of your dreams at your resort and immediately fall in love. 

What really happens: The only boy who gives you a second glance is the awkward fifteen-year old on vacation with his family. 

What you expect to happen: You’ll be school-free for an entire week! No worries and no responsibilities.

What really happens: Your English professor assigned you a four hundred page book to read and a two page analysis paper…all due the day you get back. 

Hopefully all of you meet your Kostos and are able to relax on the beach, but hey, even if you’re spending spring break on the couch eating Cheetos and watching Gilmore Girls reruns, anything is better than hearing your 7 am alarm set for class. Take advantage of your time off! 

Hi! I'm Elizabeth and I'm a senior at Villanova University majoring in Communication (Public Realations Journalism Specializations) and minoring in Spanish. If you don't find me listening to One Direction or watching Friends on Netflix, I'm probably taking pictures of my food or stalking celebrities on Instagram. I'm usually spotted wearing a flannel, lulu lemon leggings, and white Converse (when I say usually, I mean everyday.) Check out my Twitter and my blog! 
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