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Meet the Exec Board: Senior Editor Cara Milhaven

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing our 2016-2017 Her Campus Villanova Executive Staff! We are lucky to have a great group of talented and dedicated women to help run our chapter.

First up is our Senior Editor–Cara Milhaven.


Hometown: Newtown, CT

Major: Communication

Year: Sophomore

Position: Senior Editor

What do you do as Senior Editor? 

“I help keep Villanova’s Her Campus page updated by managing a team of great writers.”

Why did you choose to join Her Campus?

“It’s a great platform for college women to have their voices heard. It also connects women from Villanova, as well as women around the country.” 

What else are you involved with on Campus?

“I am the Social Events Chair of the Bridge Society and a POWER Peer Educator.”



Favorite Restaurant Near Campus: Not Your Average Joe’s

Favorite Item in Your Closet: My oversized cardigans

Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Coffee


Fun Facts:

Study Abroad: I haven’t decided yet!

Hidden Talents: Sadly, I have none!

Guilty Pleasure: Watching Gilmore Girls

Celebrity Crush: Zach Efron



Rising sophomore at Villanova University pursuing a Major in Communication.
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