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The Instagram Photos Every Villanova Student has Seen

No matter if you’ve been at Villanova for a little over a semester or you’re graduating in May, you’ve seen countless posts on social media of Villanova’s campus. You’ve scrolled through your Instagram feed and seen the church at night or gone onto Twitter and you’ve seen endless tweets about the End of Semester Dinner. Here are a few of the most popular and Instagram-able things at Villanova:

1. St. Thomas of Villanova Church

At night? Covered in snow? With a Tom Brady jersey in front of it on Superbowl Sunday? We’ve seen it all.

2. Snow on campus

With the “snowpacolypse” of 2014 and the minimal snowfall in 2015, snow on campus always causes quite the frenzy. And the Instagram posts.

3. Move-in day dorm rooms

Because it’s the only time it will ever look this neat again.

4. The Freshman Candlelit Closing Mass

There’s something spectacular about an entire class together, ready to embark on their journey at Villanova. 

5. People participating in the Day of Service

You’re helping the community AND get a cool picture out of it. Best of both worlds, am I right?

6. The Oreo at sunset:

There’s nothing quite like an over-filtered Nova sunset. With the Oreo in the backgroud, duh.

7. Big-Little Reveal

Most captioned with the oh-so-popular Notorious B.I.G lyric. 

8. Anything having to do with Nova’s pride and joy: the basketball team

Everyone’s a Nationer, through and through.

9. A group of friends hanging out in Philly

You’ve got the city right at your fingertips. Why not show it off on Instagram?

10. Someone’s pictures while studying abroad

Just to let everyone at school know that they’re traveling the world and having an incredible time while doing it.


Leave it to Villanova students to show their pride in the Nova Nation in any (and every) way possible. #gocats

Hi! I'm Elizabeth and I'm a senior at Villanova University majoring in Communication (Public Realations Journalism Specializations) and minoring in Spanish. If you don't find me listening to One Direction or watching Friends on Netflix, I'm probably taking pictures of my food or stalking celebrities on Instagram. I'm usually spotted wearing a flannel, lulu lemon leggings, and white Converse (when I say usually, I mean everyday.) Check out my Twitter and my blog! 
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