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How to Survive the Second Half of the Semester + Giveaway!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Villanova chapter.

The first week after fall break is the perfect time to make some changes as you prepare yourself for the second half of the semester. Here are some tips on how to start off on the right foot as you close out the next seven weeks.

1.) Stay healthy! Nothing slows you down more than a nasty cold. Viruses run rampant on campus and it’s important to always wash your hands and to get sufficient sleep. If you feel a cold coming on, be sure to take some Cold-Eeze to help aid your symptoms and to stop sickness in its tracks.

2.) Keep hydrated! The incoming colder weather often brings dry skin, chapped lips and hair with major static. Make sure to drink lots of water and to moisturize. We love using Palmer’s Coco Butter Lip Balm to keep our smile chap free. For hair that wows, we’ve been loving TRESemme’s Perfectly Undone collection that gives life to dull hair. 


3.) Stay on top of your work. It is easy to slack off the week after break once you have (hopefully) finished all of your midterms. But pushing a few assignments off now will only hurt you in the long run. Take the time to stay on top of your homework and studying so that you don’t become overwhelmed during crunch time and so that you are well prepared for your next exam. Try carrying around your books in a fun tote, like this awesome purple MZ Wallace bag (pictured above) or using colorful study accesories. Adding some color to your study routine will help keep the process from being so dull.

4.) Eat well. When work starts to pile up it is easy to resort to late night snacking or fried food at Conn. While the immediate satisfaction of unhealthy food feels good in the moment, it can cause you to feel bloated, tired, and sluggish. Try to eat lean meats and proteins to keep your energy up and your vitamin levels satisfied. We love getting the burrito bowl at Chipotle with brown rice, lettuce, chicken, salsa and pinto beans. A satisfying meal with the right balance of vegetables, complex carbs, and protein!

5.) Take Time for Yourself. While keeping your grades up is important, college is about more than just getting straight A’s. It is also about making lasting connections and taking advantage of all the opportunities that come your way; both professional and social ones. Make sure to let yourself go out with friends, explore the city, or have an awesome GNI. If you do decide to take on the night, be sure to try out our easy smoky eye tutorial here using NYC Cosmetics 24 Hour Shadow Sticks. 

We would like to say a big thank you to all of our wonderful sponsers for our #HCSurvivalKits,  it has been so fun trying out all of the great products. Like what you see? Be sure to enter our giveaway featuring all of the HC Survival Kit products and this $300 MZ Wallace tote! Wow!

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Megan Cahill is a Junior Marketing and International Business Co-major at Villanova University. She is the Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Villanova. A Boston native, she enjoys coastal living, iced beverages, and occasionally using the word wicked as an adjective. You can often find her brainstorming in Bartley, adding items to her multiple online shopping carts, and planning her next travel excursion. Follow her on Instagram, @megancahill15