Gifts for Every Type of Girl on Your List

For the Friend Who's Always in Bed

We all have that one friend that naps through dinners and hangouts. She thinks there's nothing better than her bed, and who can blame her? For this girl, try a gift like an oversized fuzzy scarf. This way, she'll have something warm and cozy to wear when she has to get out of bed. This one from Aerie is on sale right now!

For the Friend Who's Always on the Go

This lady seems to always be running around, from classes to extracurriculars to the gym. This year, get her a simple tote bag that she can store all her things in when she's on the go all day. This one from Nordstrom will match all her outfits!

For the Friend Who's Always in the Gym

For the girl who's always asking you to go for a run or try out a new workout with her, think about getting her some cute new workout clothes! Athleisure isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so she'll be able to wear a cute pair of workout capris like these ones from Athleta from class right to the gym.

For the Friend Who's Always Down for Food

Yes, you could give this girl yet another gift card to her favorite restaurant. But why not change it up this year and give her something unique! Instead, try something fun and quirky like this Urban Outfitters pretzel pool float.

For the Friend Who's Always Working

And last, for your friend who's always working on something new, try a set of cute stationary or notebooks, like this one from Lilly Pulitzer!