Fun Ideas for Winter Break

Searching for some fun ideas for winter break? Look no further!

While everyone looks forward to going home between semesters, sometimes after the initial excitement goes away you're left wondering what to do with all the free time you have. Here are 3 ideas to beat the winter boredom.

1. Go Christmas Light Sightseeing

If you're looking for something to do with family members or friends on a chilly night, why not drive around nearby neighborhoods looking for Christmas lights? This can be a great way to kill some time with your younger family members after dinner or if you're not feeling another movie night with your friends. You can make it into a game, deciding who's house has the most lights, tackiest lights, and prettiest lights.

2. Shop The Post-Holiday Sales

After the holidays are over, almost every store in your local mall will be having great sales because they want to clear out all the winter and holiday items. Take a trip with your besties to check out what your favorite stores have going on. You need to use that money your family members gave you somewhere, and this is the perfect excuse to buy the things you didn't get as gifts!

3. Have a Spa Day

Take out all your face masks and nail polish, look up so DIY beauty ideas, and invite your mom, sisters, and girlfriends over for a DIY Spa Day. Pop in a rom-com or any of your favorite movies and take a day to relax and pamper yourself while getting to catch up with everyone.