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Campus Cutie: Ryan Amspacher

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Villanova chapter.

Name: Ryan Amspacher
Year: 2014
Major: Econ
Hometown: Morris Plains, NJ
Relationship status: Single

Do you have any siblings? 
Two. I have an 18 year old brother who goes to Villanova as well, and I have a younger sister who’s 8 years old.

Which one’s your favorite?
That’s hard. I have to say my little sister. We’re tight. All three of us hung out this entire summer at the beach because my brother and I are both sailing instructors and my little sister was one of our kids. So we were her coach. It was the coolest thing ever.

Pictured: Ryan with his brother and sister 

So you sail, do you do any other extracurriculars?
I play rugby, I’m actually captain this year.

What’s your rugby nickname?
Delbarton. It was my high school, and I guess I was wearing all Delbarton gear during my first day of practice. Compared to some of the other nicknames, it’s not too bad. We have some pretty clever ones though.

What do you look for in a girl?
Definitely personality. I look for a girl who’s really bubbly and wants to have fun.

How about physically?
The first thing I always notice is smile. A nice, bright smile where you know a girl has really good character. I also prefer wavy brown hair.

What don’t you like in a girl?
When she’s fake. Absolute turn off. A fake laugh is the easiest indicator. If there’s even the slightest sign that she’s fake then I’m gone.

What’s your idea of the perfect date?
Depends. How well do I know this girl?

Let’s say you’ve liked her for a while and it’s finally happening and you’re psyched about it. Go.
Hmm well the setting would definitely be the beach. Where I live in Long Beach Island during the summer there’s a long path that leads up to a lighthouse, so we’d walk along that and see the waves crash against the inlets and watch the fishing boats…it’s just a classic beach scene. When you turn around on the path, there’s a sandy shore where people arrange the rocks to say different things. So I’d probably rearrange the rocks in advance to make a heart with our initials in it to surprise her.

That would be in the afternoon because after, I’d have dinner planned at this restaurant called Boathouse. It’s super classy, the waiters are dressed to the nines and it oversees the bay and everything. Ideally the sun would be setting as we eat and we’d have a great dinner. Maybe after that we’d go on a night walk on the beach. And at the end of the date? Kiss on the cheek. That is my perfect date.

That is pretty perfect. Where do you normally meet girls you like?
Never at a party. I refuse to meet a girl at a party. I would rather meet a girl in class, walk around, lunch, community service…any of those activities. I won’t even talk to a girl I like at a party.

Would you rather find love through friendship or love at first sight?
Love through friendship. I feel like when you have the base of friendship first, it means so much more when you go to the next step. Love at first sight starts off shallow; even if you develop a deeper connection later, it was initially started because of physical attraction.   

What do you think about a girl making first move?
Always a good thing. I’m a shy guy, so that helps me out a lot.

So, what’s your favorite…

Thing about Villanova? 
Probably just the people. That’s really corny, but everyone’s really nice.

Part about living in the apartments? 
Cooking, hands down. My first night here I cooked dinner for two of the RAs.

Meal to cook? 
Breakfast actually. I like cooking dinner because it’s different every time, but I like to go back to breakfast. It’s easy, you can’t mess it up, and it’s always good.
                                                                                                          Pictured: Ryan as a sailing instructor

Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Video game? 
I’d have to say Super Smash Brothers or Mario kart. I like the older ones.

TV Show? 
Burn Notice.

90s cartoon? 

Book turned movie? 
Lord of the Rings. I prefer a book to a film version, though. With the book you add your own element to it, the movie is always someone else’s vision.

Book you’ve ever read? 
Tale of Two Cities. A lot of people don’t like it but I just loved it for some reason.

Gatorade flavor?
Lemon Lime, that’s easy. What do you call it though, do you call it yellow or green?

I call it yellow.
See, I call it green because when you hold it up next to yellow or green things, it looks more green. It’s a big debate.

Who was your favorite teacher?
Linda Boettcher. She taught ACS, she’s my advisor now.

Did you like ACS?
Loved it. I really liked the philosophical aspect, and I liked reading the books…and I got to talk. It was good.

A Walk to Remember or The Notebook?
I don’t hate The Notebook, but I like the classic boy meets girl they get together and fall in love and then she dies… I mean he could have moved on, it was high school. But he still loved her and stayed with her. That speaks to me way more than, “oh the guy built a house.” I love Rachel McAdams, but still. I think the only redeeming part of The Notebook is when they both die in the bed, but in the book that doesn’t happen, so it isn’t even Nicholas spark’s idea. Plus, A Walk to Remember has an awesome soundtrack.

Fair points. What kind of music do you listen to?
Classic rock. I really like Tom Petty. “Free Fallin” and “American Girl” are total classics.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Anything if it was mint chocolate chip.

Would you dance naked on the quad in Main?
Probably. But at that point it has to be mint chocolate chip.

What else would make you dance naked on the quad in Main?
My grandma’s apple pie. That’s a really weird thing to do for your grandma’s apple pie.

What would you get at Hope’s Cookies?
I would just get a sugar cookie. Snickerdoodle would be a go-to choice, but no one tops my grandma’s snickerdoodles. I don’t eat anybody else’s snickerdoodles…or apple pie…and no peanut butter cookies from anyone else…I’m so loyal to my grandma.

What’s one thing no one knows about you?
My first langue was Spanish. I had a Spanish babysitter and my first word was “agua.” I don’t really remember it now, though.

Friends or Seinfeld?
Friends. Seinfeld is good but I’ve been watching Friends since I was younger.

New years or Halloween?
Halloween. I love getting dressed up and going out. And for the record, I would rather see a girl in something funny and ironic than a slutty Halloween costume any day.

Perfect weekend?
It starts Saturday morning. I’d get up and have an early game of rugby, have after game festivities, then after get dinner with a bunch of friends and then go out that night. Then wake up Sunday morning, make myself some breakfast with a few friends, usually guy friends casually. And then we’d probably just hang out…bro out with a bunch of guys. Minimal girl time, but I went to an all guys school and I’m very loyal to my friends.

Samantha Galasso is from Wilton, CT and is the founder of both the Providence College and Villanova University chapters at HC. In her spare time, she enjoys napping, sarcastic commentary, inappropriate jokes, hanging out with her fellow Pi Phi sisters, "Friends" marathons, and general activities being ”liked” by the mass majority of people on Facebook. Her goals in life include writing the next great American novel and making the Billionaire Obituary in Forbes.